Long Hair !

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  3. Wow, and I thought my hair used to be long. Ugh the headaches these women must have and the amount of shampoo these must go through! Ew I wonder what their shower drains look like....
  4. :wtf:OMG!! I thought my hair was long!:wtf:
  5. talk about high maintenance!
  6. That's really hard to take care of. My hair is up to my tush and I'm cutting it by the end of this year. I'm donating it and it will just be so much easier for me to take care of.
  7. That is looooooooooong.
  8. If it drags the ground, it's too long. ICK! Talk about NASTY!! :yucky:

    OMG! I just had a flash thought: what do these women do with their hair when they are in PUBLIC RESTROOMS??:throwup:
  9. It must take gallons of conditioner to get it nice and shiny. I sooo wouldn't have the patience to take care of such long hair!
  10. long hair like that really grosses me out... it seems almost unsanitary! haha i have the same question Prada Psycho, what do they do with it in dirty places like bathrooms!!?
  11. oh man!!!:wtf:
    I have long hair and was thinking this would be a great tips thread!

    Was I wrong!:roflmfao:
  12. I would say three words to them: Locks of Love.
  13. :wtf: Now that's Looooonnnnng..
  14. wow...i didn't know it could grow THAT long!
  15. Does anyone else find these pictures disgusting? :throwup: