Long hair with side swept bangs - ways to wear it?

  1. Hi ladies!

    I had side swept bangs cut yesterday, and love them, but am now trying to figure out different ways to wear my hair besides down. I havent had bangs for 15 yrs!! I like this look alot. I have dark hair, about 2 inches below my shoulders. Any ideas?? Pics would be especially helpful.

  2. If you could show us pics of your new cut we may be able to help you more.
  3. Although my hair is not this gorgeous, this is the pic I took with me to get my hair cut - same color, same length, and similar style bangs.

  4. i use some bobbie pins to pin my bangs back when i don't want them in my face and i like it!

    I just basically brush my bangs back and gather them and poof them up just a little (so they aren't flat to my head) and put a bobbie pin coming from each side to hold better

    i wear them like that alot, with my hair up or down

    hope this helps :flowers:
  5. You could put your hair up in a pony tail and leave your bangs down. That looks really cute. Also as Moodysmom said, you could pin your bangs back.
  6. you can do your hair up in a ponytail or bun and do the side swept bangs...i wore that all through out senior year in hs...Lord back in 1997 - 1998 :-/
  7. You can buy those really pretty crystals pins they sell in the mall to pin you bangs to the side.
  8. curl them a bit, would look like a shorter version of the celeb beach style
  9. Thanks ladies - I like these ideas, has seen them on some ladies younger than me, so wasn't sure that I could pull it off (I'm 33) but I think I will find some pretty pins and pin them back!
  10. Oooh, I want this cut. Seriously, I'm going to the hairdresser either this week or next and try this out. No modeling pics :graucho:??? And I'm 33, too! We're not old, just not AS young :s, maybe?
  11. I love this cut... I've had my hair the same for several years.. I have fine hair, so I always just get long layers to add more body... but I was thinking about adding a bang like this... or just going dramatic and chopping it all off.. but I think my bf would disown me.

    Great thread... good ideas. :smile:
  12. No suggestions, but just thought I would mention that I just got the side-swept bangs on accident!!
    I've always wanted them, but all these stylists couldn't get it right.

    Finally someone screwed up and cut my bangs straight across, so DH was so upset, he took me to another stylist and told them to thin it out!
    And Viola!! :p

    Anyhow, the side-swept bangs are very cute!!
    All these tips are the same thing I am doing.
    Have fun with it!
  13. I have the same style, and what looks cute besides having it down is the half up- half down style. gather the front section of your hair and tie it while leaving the rest down. :smile:

  14. Oooh you should do it - I'm loving this style! I wore the back in a low pony today and the front out, looks very casual but cute, I like it! I have had the same long style for years, so this was def a risk for me to take, and I am a crier in the chair LOL but I do really enjoy this, as long as I can keep it from going in my eyes, which I have learned to use some styling mousse in them when I blow them over in the morning.

    These are great ideas everyone! Sorry, I'm a little shy to post pics of my hair, but it is very close to the pic above.

    And hubby loves it too!
  15. ponitail?