long hair /VS short hair

  1. whos wearing short hair v/s long hair or whats your hairstyle your wearing now
  2. Long hair for me. I've had short hair before and with my round face, AHH it looked horrible!
  3. I have fairly long hair b/c I am to lazy to style short hair. I do want to get it cut in the near future when I decide on a style.
  4. i am trying to keep my hair long now, i hope that i will get bored and do something drastic like i always do before. i don't look good in short hairdo, makes my face look round. now my hair is just straight, and layered.
  5. I had short hair for years... from age 20 until 28. Loooved it. Short, like the Linda Evangelista mid-90s style. And I am blonde... so it worked well with my fine hair. Then I had kids and just couldn't handle getting it cut every 4-5 wks. Now it's long, like really long. Took me so long to grow it out that I don't have the heart to chop it again.
  6. <<<<<-------Short
  7. Mine is long. I love having short hair, but mine grows so darn fast, that I have to get it cut ALL the time when it is short. Right now mine is midway between the bottom of my shoulder blades and my waist. (I just cut off 6-8 inches a few weeks ago) Very easy, just braid it and go.
  8. <---- Long :P

    But I'm thinking of getting it cut... I love bobs but I'm too scared to get one as I'm attached to my hair... Still I want to go shorter.
  9. You would be super cute with a bob IMO! :yes: Red heads can wear any kind of hair and still get noticed! ;)
  10. i just got mine cut, its shoulder length now
  11. I'll let you guys decide with works best for me. The first pic is me 4 years ago with short hair. The second one was just taken last week and my hair is to the top of my shoulder blades. I'm also wearing a headband in that shot, so it looks very different when I style it.
    PPshort.jpg PPlong.jpg
  12. Aww you're so sweet!!! :heart::heart::heart: Thank you!! :love:
  13. You look very pretty with both haircuts but I prefer the longer hair. :flowers:
  14. My hair is short just like in my avatar picture. I either wear it this way (spiked) or sometimes I put gel in it and wear it wavy.

    I love short hair. Always have!
  15. My hair is just above my shoulders right now but I'm trying to grow it out. I love long hair but my hair is thin and baby fine so we'll see how it goes.