Long hair to Short hair!

  1. Ah! I did it! I got my hair cut guys :shame: It isnt the pixie cut like I said I was considering back in Loganz's thread, but its right under the shoulder and for me that is extremely short! My hair hasnt been that short since I was in middle school. I'm used to my hair being down to my butt, lol (attached is a picture of my hair before the cut, I wish I had an after picture for you all), and it feels so weird not even having hair long enough to pull over my shoulder. . .I freaked out big time once the stylist was done, but I'm starting to get used to it. I'm thinking I'm just going to grow it back out.

    Have you guys had a hair cut that you hated at first, but slowly grew comfortable with it?
  2. WOW! Your hair was BEAUTIFUL! Why did you cut it? My daughter (12) was born with unusually straight hair. Looks like the texture of yours but hers is very dark brown and just past her shoulders. People have stared ever since she was a baby and even ask us/her all the time if it's real. It looks like a weave. Crazy. Anyway, I would love for her to grow hers out that long! And your color is gorgeous!

    Post a photo of your new "do" when you can! I bet it's just beautiful!
  3. abandoned i wanna see you new hair :biggrin:........with as big a change as this it'll definitely take some getting used to, but i'm sure you look fabulous with the new hair :flowers:
  4. My hair was about that length and real thick. It was very pretty, but when people looked at me all they saw was ...this hair!! It is a bit below shoulder length now. I think sometimes all the length draws the face down. DO we get an "after" pic?
  5. Wow ! you were very brave. your hair was certainly beautiful. Anyway Im sure you will enjoy your new look, I bet it looks just as gorgeous. :heart:
  6. My hair was almost to my waist when I cut it up to my ears. My mom freaked out! It was difficult for me to get used to because I never really had to style my long hair. With short hair, it seems like I always have to do something to it before I leave the house. I went through a couple of years of bad short hair cuts, but I love the cut I have now. I have a graduated angled bob that is a little bit longer than chin length. It is very easy to style and take care of and I get a lot of compliments on the cut/color.

    I'm sure your new cut will grow on you once you get over the shock! Just give it a little time.:yes:
  7. Thanks guys for the comfort and encouraging stories, lol :shame:

    I got rid of my crappy camera because I busted the screen :sad: But I'm going to steal my BF's tonight and try and get an "after" picture for you guys, lol.

    print*model - Mostly I cut it because I havent been taking care of my hair at all since I went off to college :sad: And all that coloring had damaged it pretty good, so I wanted a fresh start. I really want to take good care of my hair especially since I'm thinking of growing it out again (long hair can be a pain in the booty!) so I hope I do a good job this time around. I miss my long hair :sad: Haha! People always asked if my hair was weave too! I didnt like that because they would pull on it and I dont like folks touching my hair.
  8. My hair was no way as long as yours but the hair dresser cut off more than we agreed on :mad: However I feel like my hair grow faster afterward so now it actually doesn't look too bad. So I think you can just let it grow and see how you like it. I used to cut my hair all the time and sometimes short and it was fun! :yes:
  9. Oh my god!. 90 % of women pheromones are in her hair!!!
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  10. ohmygod, you have such beautiful hair!!! i wouldn't have cut that. lol.
  11. I am cutting mine at the end of the year and donating it to Locks of Love. I'll probably bawl when it happens. I have had long hair for the past 4 years.
  12. Awwww I'm sure your new do looks AWESOME! I have hair that is just as long as yours, or pretty much, but mine is curly/wavyish. Reallly thick :P I'm thinking of getting it cut a bit for summer, I'd love to see what your new hair looks like to get inspired :biggrin:
  13. I'm sure you'll get used to your new haircut and grow to like it. I've chopped all my hair off before, it wasn't as long as yours, but I've always found that it just takes me a week or so to get used to it and then I start liking it more. It's just such a big change, I think most people would react the same way. I sure wish my hair was a thick as yours, you have beautiful hair.
  14. but the other side is good...
    For example italian supermodel Maria Carla Boscono had long black hair for all her life, and after ten years in fashion world she became not so interesting. So she thought: Time to change. So she cut her hair and changed colour to blond, and she looks great, and she has new and new jobs for fashion industry. She was on every luxurious fashion show in Milan and Paris....
    So sometimes it's very good. And you tried it, if you won't like it after two or three weeks, you won't cut it anymore. Have a nice day and be yourself :smile:)

  15. vote for short haircut