Long Gloves Love them or Hate Them?

  1. So loving the long gloves or not for you.

    I like them I haven't quiet figured out how to include them in my wardrobe yet but i still love the look
  2. Love them! They coordinate perfectly with the 3/4 length sleeves on jackets and coats this season. They provide a more polished look with almost anything.
  3. LOVE 'EM!! I have some black leather ruched gloves that go just up past my elbows. So classy and elegant!

    I always swear by 4 button length gloves (which go about halfway up my forearm) rather than the traditional shorter length. It gives a clean, unbroken line from my coat (no skin showing when I move my arms) AND keeps me warmer too.
  4. I just bought myself a pair today! I love them not just for the trend, but also because they can act as an extra layer for my arms during those cold winter days to come.
  5. I agree with most of the ladies here, I LOVE the long gloves! I recently bought some opera length black leather ones to wear with my "sophia" short sleeved sweater jacket... I knew the sweater would work as my "winter jacket" here in AZ during the cooler months, but not having sleeves wouldnt cut it when I go to Boston for the holidays to visit the family! IMO LONG GLOVES are a MUST!!!:p
  6. I love long gloves! Once, I saw these really nice leather ones, but I didn't get them because they were quite expensive and I wasn't really sure how to wear them without looking like an idiot. People in my city don't usually respond well to different fashion trends.

    I definately want long gloves for my wedding!
  7. love them love them!
  8. Yes, I've read in a few fashion magazines that you should coordinate long gloves with 3/4 length sleeves.
  9. Love them! especially with tiny little buttons going up them and in cashmere!
  10. LOVEs it....very chic imo
  11. for me hate. they make my arms look really puggy.
  12. love them, especially slouchy ones, in both leather and cashmere. like everyone has said, with my 3/4 length jackets they work perfectly.
  13. I love the look if worn with the appropriate outfit.
  14. i love them. label, you should see the ones oasis and warehouse have. TDF pruples and blues.
  15. oo I'll have to check them out thanks