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Long due pix of my miracle Miroir goodies! ^____^

Oct 13, 2006
Hello everyone, here are the pix of my miracle Miroirs which should be posted long time ago....still need to master the art of Watermark...:sweatdrop: Why i call them miracle? I was in S5A on Dec 2, trying to hunt down red epi cles w/gold hardware but turned out no luck, the SA offer to show me the Miroir pochette to cheer me up. I honestly thought she just want to show me b/c i know the wait list are like mile long, plus i hardly purchase LV in S5A <******+E lux=rebates & tax free:P >. It turns out the Gold pochette is available for purchase:nuts: .....of course i just pay and run w/it w/o asking her 'what about the wait list pp....?

While i play w/the gold pochette, i can't take my mind off the beauty of it's twin Silver pochette......and the Silver pap a girl was picking up from wait list. So the next day, I called the minute they open, and tell the SA i will be in store in 1 hour if the silver pochette and pap is available for purchase, turns out she haven't call the pp on waitlist yet, and since she expect more shipment after this, she hold the Silver pochette as well as the only Gold pap in store <the silver pap went home w/the girl i saw last night>:graucho:

S4300254_&#22823;&#23567; .JPG

S4300260_&#22823;&#23567; .JPG

S4300248_&#22823;&#23567; .JPG
Oct 13, 2006
and here they are!!!


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Oct 13, 2006
:cutesy: Thanks everyone!:blush: Although many pp think it's overpriced vinyl, but i think it's the only LV i get to carry in a rainy day<lexington still have that vachetta tabs>....i :heart: carry or wear bright colors when it rains, it puts a smile on my face and brightens my mood:yes: !