Long dress ?

  1. I'm looking for a casual, fun, long dress for the summer, that I can wear with flats or even flip flops ( I just love that look, right now). I saw a cute one by Velvet but thought I'd see if anyone had some more suggestions.

    Thanks a bunch.
  2. How about this Ella Moss dress?
  3. I love Ella Moss and that is super cute. Not crazy about the white but I think they also have that in blue, right? Thanks, that is exactly the style I am looking for :yes:
  4. No problem! I think the blue is to dark for the summer IMO. I guess it depends.
  5. T-bags (god, i can't help but giggle everytime i type or say that brand, hahah) has some cute & bright printed ones :yes:
  6. and single has some really cute paisley ones at Nordstrom.

    also, there's a nice corall-y pink charlotte solnicki one at Shopbop!
  7. topshopdress.jpg

    I love this from Topshop - bargain at only £30!
  8. [​IMG]
    I love this Marc Jacobs dress :heart: It's 530€
    Ooh.. and this Philip Lim dress!! 641€
    And then this dress from H&M for only 49,90 €..
  9. i'm not a fan of maxi dresses but i do like that white ella moss one.