Long Distance Relationships?

Mar 12, 2006
My boyfriend and I have dated for almost 2 years. After this summer, he's gonna move to a different state for school... hence it's going long distance... :cry:

Anyone has been/currently is in a long distance relationship? Mind if you share some of your thoughts?
Having been in two long distance relationships--I'm in one currently... Here's my 2 cents:

You both have to be willing to put the same amount of work and energy into the relationship, otherwise it won't work. With my first relationship, I was the one who put in the work and in the end, it didn't work out. I ended up feeling like I was doing all the effort and lifting. And we eventually drifted apart.

I think age and maturity also have an influence. When you're young and still looking to explore and experience the world--not everyone is ready for the work of a long distance relationship. It helps to talk to each other on a regular basis and visit as much as you can...
Vlad and I have been in a long distance relationship for about a year and a half now. It definetly is not easy, but true love always finds a way and is always worth it. It will all work out if it is meant to be!

Best advice I can give is to communicate and communicate and communicate!!!!!
Sorry to hear that you'll be apart!

I know what that feels like! My bf is in the US studying whereas I'm doing the same but in Toronto, Canada.

We try to see each other 1-2 times a month, even if it's just for 2 days.

You might find yourself getting jealous/upset when he mentions his new friends etc. but try to see past that because otherwise it will just give you more uneeded conflict.

We've been doing this since we started dating. We met thru a friend while spending Christmas 2004 in Hong Kong. However, we're both graduating this year and moving back to Hong Kong together.

Don't stress too much! We keep in touch thru webcam, emails, text msgs, IM and phone calls. We are CONSTANTLY in contact...perhaps...too much? Hehe. Just think, if couples who were seperated during WWI and WWII stayed together, even though they didn't have our technology, why can't you?

Have some faith!!
I'm sorry to hear that.

Though I know it may be scary and lonely at first it can all work out!!

It is actually a great test of your relationship I think. I met my hubby 2 months before he left for his 7 months deployment. Then we were apart 29 months of being married 36 (Iraq and such).

Your relationship will grow so much. Like Megs said, you must COMMUNICATE! There are so many fun creative things you can do (I would be happy to give you lots of ideas).

If you are meant to be together, it will work out. And the distance will make you love him more than ever, every single day and help you realize he IS the one for you.

If you ever want to talk about it, I am always here, trust me, practically all my relationships are long distance, they still are :smile:

It won't be as bad as you think. And the more you miss him, the more exciting each reunitement is!! ;)
I'm 3 hours away from BF but work 60 hours a week so we see each other maybe once a month. It's a far cry from 24/7 and living with him for a little bit. But being together more than 5 years of mini-separation (weekends, summer months, full months)...it gets a litte easier and we're still okay. We call each other all the time. We IM each other all the time. We are constantly in contact as much as if we were still together physically.

Stay strong.
Oh man, I know how you feel! Be strong! You both can do it, even when you struggle just remember you're in it TOGETHER! Like Megs said, love always finds a way.

[I had a similar thread, there are some insanely strong women/men in this forum - http://forum.purseblog.com/general-discussion/love-long-distance-9205.html?highlight=distance]

abandonedimages said:
My honey (bunches of oats) and me are seperated at the moment, he lives in Florida (where we met) and I'm going to college in North Carolina. We originally planned out that once he got things together he would move up here with me ASAP, but his job/living situation pretty much shut that plan down :[ I'm assuming the new plan goes something like - we're going to wait until I graduate to physically be together for good. I really hope we can make it sooner than that.

So far we're doing pretty well. The first year was rough (the distance is really starting to get to us), but we're determined to make it through the next 4-5 years. We're talking together for the rest of our lives here.

I know in my heart we're going to make it, but MAN is it tough and sometimes I wish I wasn't in school (dont worry, I'm not dropping out ever). Sometimes I get worried. He does too, but we're dealing best we can.
Thanks to all of you that responded! Now I know where to turn to if the long distance thing gets tough... :P I know I'll make an effort to go see him often. This is still new to me, so I'm preparing myself for the hard road ahead...

Thanks abandonedimages for the link! I should've been more diligent in finding the thread before I posted a new one! :lol:
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