Long Black Shorts

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  1. Help! I am always a fashion no-no! :confused1:
    I am having a huge Christmas Party at my house next week - 120 couples...I want to look fun & fashionable...I have a pair of long black shorts (hit right above knee) that I thought I could dress up...but how?! Does anyone have a cute outfit picture of them in these type shorts? Sheesh, I really need some help...!
    Last year I did not like what I had on & was uncomfortable all night long, I do not want this to happen again!
  2. I wore my long black trouser shorts with a black and white geometric patterned satin cami and silver snakeskin heels with a silver clutch over the summer to evening events. But I'm not sure how weather-appropriate that would be for you. So, don't know if this was helpful or not...:shrugs: