Long bf cardigans like these??? where can I find them at??

  1. Ladies,
    I've been looking for long bf cardigans like this in the pix FOREVER..can u guys identify or find ones very similar to these/? Thx

  2. I think I have seen some in Victoria's Secret online and print catalogue
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs had one like this... Fall/Winter, maybe? I have it in brown.
  4. thanks ladies..but i'm looking for something cheaper...got any others?? thx
  5. Just saw something like that in Gap, only $40 something.
  6. i got my cardigan at the MANGO for 40 euros
    it looks very the same as Ashleyss...
    but 3weeks ago, i saw it for 20euros (SALE!!)
  7. American Apparel has them
  8. I have that same exact one from AF and I also got one from C&C california. I saw some similar ones costing $38.00? @ Urban Outfitters
  9. Long cardigans are everywhere right now. Just go shopping and I'm sure you'll find them. I've seen them at GAP, Old Navy, Nordstrom BP, Express, H&M...just go to the mall.
  10. Barneys Coop have a ton of these:smile:
    they have the exact same one, $48.
  12. i remmeber seeing one from vince