Long Beach Tote

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  1. If you purchased this bag could you tell me if it has an inside pocket. Do you like the bag? Is it stiff or smooshy. Thx. I’m thinking of it but need questions answered. Oh one more. Is it larger than a neverful mm. Thx
  2. louis-vuitton-long-beach-mm-monogram-vernis-handbags--M90475_PM1_Interior view.jpg Pic from website - no pocket.
  3. I picked it up tonight. I answered all my questions. It’s really a great looking bag. Just what I wanted. It’s a perfect everyday size and a beauty. I look forward to using it. Very thrilled with this purchase.
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  4. Would luv to see mod shots. Particularly interested in the strap drop. Congrats on your purchase!
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  5. Yes—and size and color? Congrats! Was wondering when someone would post a purchase of this bag:smile:
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  6. I am really interested in this bag too. I love longer strap drop bags. My worry was that the long beach in amarante would be too flashy for everyday wear. Im still on the fence....
  7. I purchased the Amarante MM version about six weeks ago and have been carrying it everyday. The straps are perfect and are longer than on the NF. It's a very comfortable bag. It's a tad smaller than the NF MM but I am still able to use the same Samorga organizer. Because I use the organizer, I don't mind that it doesn't have pockets and only has the pouch.
    I don't find the Amarante to be flashy at all. I mainly wear jeans and sweaters and this bad works perfectly. I love this bag so much!!
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  8. Amarante is a beautiful color. Great alternative to black.
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  9. It's such a lovely bag. What is your experience with weight "allowance"?
    I'm considering getting this bag as the straps are more practical with heavy winter coats, but can it handle much weight? I mean the Neverfull is stress tested for about 120 kg and I don't worry about overloading it with laptop, wine bottles etc. But can this handle such items? The straps are attached differently to the NF.
  10. I'm not sure about that.. I carry mine to work every day.
    Samorga insert fits in bag and holds:
    -Pouch that came with bag
    -Victorine Wallet
    -stuffed Toiletry 19
    -sunglasses case
    -makeup bag - equivalent size wise to toiletry 15
    -water bottle
    Carrying these items daily for over six weeks has not in any way made the straps look strained or the bag disfigured. I'm not carrying a lap top, though. Its holding up beautifully and looks as perfect as it did the day I brought it home. I really want to get the Taupe color for summer. I highly recommend this beauty!
  11. Thanks, that sounds like my daily load, too. So it can probably handle a little more once in a while..... I think I might order the Amarante one. Oooohh maybe I'll get it by Christmas:angel: