~Long Beach, Calif. Howl-O-Ween Parade~ Tons-o-pics!

  1. I am lucky to live in a very pet friendly beach community. Every year there is a Howl-O-Ween parade and a Haute Dog Easter parade. I went over on my bike and got some pics for my fellow animal lovers...enjoy!
    Howl1.jpg howl2.jpg howl3.jpg howl4.jpg
  2. more...
    howl5.jpg howl6.jpg howl7.jpg howl8.jpg
  3. Too fun!
    howl9.jpg howl10.jpg howl11.jpg howl12.jpg howl13.jpg
  4. Last ones...
    howl18.jpg howl17.jpg howl16.jpg howl15.jpg
  5. For me, this Gladiator wins, hand down!:roflmfao:


    :heart:You gotta love animal lovers....
  6. Its funny you posted this, I was just watching a show on TLC about this event! It looks like sooo much fun!
  7. thanks for sharing ... love all the bulldogs, mine would've loved the kissing booth ...lol!
  8. Too cute. I just came from the Crab Pot in LB and there was a lady there with a chi, who was dressed as a pony!:lol:
  9. Thanks for sharing the great pics!! It looks like so much fun!
  10. aww that is so cute!
  11. OMG! TY sooooo much! Needed a good chuckle today!! :smile:
  12. Thanks for posting - this gave me quite a chuckle! Love the Little Bo Peep with her "sheep"!
  13. as much as I think this is SO cute I kind of feel bad for the animals for having to be put thru this!lol
  14. ^^ I know, I have to say though, the majority of the dogs actually look like they are having a fun time running around and getting attention. Some look bored, some look like they are plotting to kill their owner later.
  15. Ha ha, omg that is so cute! i'd love to have see it in person! they are too cute!