Long-awaited(since September!)Jodie high boots...& lotus ballerinas!

  1. I am very happy today,as I 've finally acquired these wonderful boots! I had been in the waiting list since September, so you can realise my joy... I want to share them with you:yahoo:
    I bought these sweet ballerinas,too...
    DSC02654.JPG DSC02652.JPG
  2. wow, they're gorgeous! any modeling pics?
  3. wow that boots HOTTTT!!!
    but as i personally not a high heel girl, i love the flats more :p


  4. Flat is also available!:tup:
  5. Those boots are freakin gorgeous !!
  6. I love both! congratulations
  7. Gorgeous

    how wide is the calf on the boot?
  8. BEAUTIFUL!!! congrat's.
  9. Congrats, those boots are TDF!
  10. Those boots are gorgeous! How tall is the heel? I just broke my ankle looking at them, lol
  11. Gorgeous! But I personally wouldn't be able to walk in them! Oh well, if you look that hot, I guess there are always plenty of big strong men around you just waiting for an excuse to get close!!! :graucho:
  12. Hot shoes!
  13. Love both of them!! Congrats!!!
  14. Wow, those boots are smoking HOT. :nuts:

    I love them.

  15. Congrats!
    those flats are so cute!