Long awaited shiny 'garbage bag'

  1. I bought two of these. One for my cousin and one for me. Well, they are finally here. I'm actually liking it for use as a gym bag more than anything else. But SloWLY I am loving it. I ain't no Kate Moss of Miss Alice or Swanky and some other Pfers (all ever so hot and sexy), so forgive me for the pics!!!

    My very own, Coco cabas in VINYLLLLLLLLLLLL.............:yahoo:Chanel ChaChachachaCHAAanel[​IMG]
  2. Beautiful bag loveone7, gorgeous color and it looks GREAT on you so wear it proudly!
  3. Very cute!
  4. I think I am getting one tomorrow....even though all my friends are telling me not to...BUT I think it's such a stylish bag......looks good on you!

    Let team up....hehe~
  5. it looks good on you!

    and you ARE hot and sexy!!! dont make me bonk you on the head for you to believe it!!
  6. Thanks ladies. I just finished cooking dinner for the poor bf when he went downstairs and told me that I had a huge package waiting for me. So I had to rip it apart and take a pic of it. My livingroom is filled with Chanel Tissue right now.

    Mello_yello_jen: Another hot Pfer!! Thanks for the compliment!! Still I have rolls of 'fat' that is thankfully covered by the bag. :graucho:
  7. Wonderful bag! It looks really good on you!!!!
  8. I love this bag! I was stalking some woman carrying one in Bloomingdales and just had to talk to her in the shoe dept. She looked great with it and so do you!
  9. Wow! It looks gorgeous on you. :smile: Not at all like a garbage bag!
  10. I also have a shiny garbage bag, and love it!!! Congrats, it looks great on you!!
  11. oh stop it already! You look great carrying that, you pull it of way better than I can!:yes:
  12. The bag is beautiful and looks great on you! Congratulations!
  13. I love the vinyl cabas!! Enjoy it!!
  14. Stunning!!!!!!!!!!! Love It!!!!!!!!! Hot!!!!!!!!!
  15. Don't waste this beauty on the gym!!