Long Awaited Reveal!


The Girl Who Flies
Oct 8, 2009
This bag has taken me such a long time to find & pull the trigger on, it feels like a dream come true! I was so excited to find her in the mail this afternoon, I've been looking so forward to revealing it.

Here's a sneak peak, anyone want to guess?!



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The Girl Who Flies
Oct 8, 2009
Here she is... my preloved, holy grail 9' Diana Flap! This particular one is a series 3 that I bought online from fmasarovic in Japan.

I'm so excited! I can't even begin to tell you just how long I've been looking for this particular style. I've been holding out for over 12 months for one in pristine condition that comes as a full set with box, dustbag, care booklet & authenticity card. So many have come up for sale during that time & I've literally trolled every one of them, unfortunately finding most with scratches, dents & deflated quilts. I'm so glad I continued to wait & didn't compromise, she arrived in the post this morning & she's absolutely beyond perfect!

First of all, the bag itself was listed at $2500 on eBay however, I know from browsing fmasarovic's bags regularly that they list them cheaper via their website, where I found it listed for $2100. Super luckily, they had actually emailed me a coupon code the day before for 15% off which ultimately brought the price down to $1825. It truly felt like the bargain of the year considering I was prepared to be pay top dollar for what I was looking for. On top of that, postage to Sydney only took 3 days. Very impressed with their service, I can't recommend them enough.

So, this is my first lambskin Chanel & also my first vintage piece. For those of you out there that already own a few lambskin vintage pieces, how do you care for yours? Is carrying lambskin problematic if it starts to rain?

Also, I was genuinely surprised how light it was when I opened it, I expected it to feel much heavier, it feels very delicate & I'm wondering if I need to baby it more than I imagined I would?


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