Long awaited goodies from Paris... yippee! with *pics*

  1. i just went to pick up my goodies from my friend who returned home today and just have to immediately share my joy with my fellow ladies! you know i've been searching for them high and low and after this long wait/search, i've finally got them! in my size and the perfect color - silver metallic!! :heart: absolutely love them!

    i've also got some amazing stuff - laduree macaroons (still all fresh!) and some fauchon chocolate coated biscuits (my faveee) plus some clothings from chrome hearts and fred perry.

    pics coming right up! :graucho:
  2. Side track..since you mentioned Fauchon..I love their Madeleine.. :drool:

    Anyway, congrats on getting your long awaited bag.. :smile:
  3. ^ oh no it's not a bag lol they're shoes!!
  4. Ladydeluxe: Congrats congrats!!! Can't wait to see the pics!!! ;)
  5. deluxe - show us the pics, plus modelling pics as well.....quick quick, the suspense is killing me!
  6. I aint turning of my computer till i see pics- even though i should be doing my uni work!
  7. [​IMG]


  8. [​IMG]

  9. WOW!I love it!!
    I tried them on the other day..they are so comfy!!Congratz!
  10. the clothings i got - cute polo tees for the coming summer and funky chrome hearts casual tank tops

  11. Oh C, congrats!!! so you manage to get them in your size!!! are they true to your normal shoe size? The color is so gorgeous... just right for Chinese New Year ya.... how much are they from Paris??
  12. Those shoes are yummy and the clothes are cute. Congrats!
  13. They're so cute! Love them..congrats gal
  14. the shoes cost 390 euros before tax refund. i got them for about 340 euros after tax! yippppeee!
  15. I love ur MS flats....It's gorgeous and u look great on her! Congrats~~