Long Alma????

  1. Was there ever such a bag made as the Long Alma? I keep seeing people with this bag and I don't know enough yet to know whether this was a real bag?
  2. I've seen it before but mainly in the Graffiti line.....I think it's real...LV experts? :blink:
  3. Yes! One I saw was graffiti. But, I think I saw one the other night that was white MC.
  4. I don't think they came out with the multicolor one but I have seen one at the boutique that was in the mini.
  5. They never made an long Alma MC- I know they made it in mini mono- and maybe reg mono as well. On the subject, I love this mini mono Alma Haut!:love: (ignore the matte Houston on the right)
  6. here's the long alma in the monogram mini, which was discontinued years ago


    and the long alma in the graffiti, also long gone


    it's a pity since i think the long almas are extremely cute :sad:
  7. yes, jc2239, that's exactly what I saw!! I saw the graffiti one. Then the other night I saw a girl with a white MC. It didn't look right to me. The leather handles looked funny and the color of her bag was all different than the colors on my bag (which I got from Elux). Wow! you girls are good!!!
  8. we try :P......the long almas are too cute....in general i try to stay away from ebay but i may just have to purchase a mini mono long alma one of these days.....such a cute little bag....and the feet.....they're just soso cute

  9. My mom has the monogram mini long Alma she purchased in paris 2 years ago. I've spoken to a SA in a LV store and they said that style is still sold in Asian and Europe. It's a nice looking bag. I love it.
  10. The long alma was only available in mini monogram and Graffiti. It never came in multicolore or mono canvas.

    The alma Haut was only available in mini monogram.
  11. i didn't see it the last time i was in korea.....i thought it was discontinued, but i'll have to check next time i'm there and pick on up for myself if they have one :P