1. anyone ever feel really lonely? :sad:
  2. Yep, that is why i am flying my sister out to spend some time with me...and help me pack;)
  3. Yes...:sad: TPF really helps!
  4. ^^of course, we're only human. i understand how you feel, TPF helps though.
  5. Yeah, especially since my best friend and I had a falling out... now i don't have anyone to call everytime something good/bad happens.

    The cold wet icky weather doesn't make it any better!
  6. I am a loner but I never feel lonely. I like to spend time on myself doing my own things...never feel like I need a shoulder to cry on. I deal with things on my own.
  7. :yes: It's definitely something to deal with whether you live alone or not. I know I face it from time to time. It wasn't until I learned how to enjoy my own company that it became better. I still have my moments, though. Thank goodness for TPF.
  8. What's the reason for this comment? Did something happen? :sad:
  9. Another loner here.
  10. Nothing really happened... I'm just swamped with schoolwork and I'm over at my bf's apt (we were going to stay in and do hw together tonight) but then his roomie and a bunch of our friends decided to go barhopping downtown. I'm too tired to be able to enjoy hitting the big bars and I have a bunch of schoolwork to do, but my bf decided to go. They all were begging me to come, but I decided to stay in - I'm feeling a little nauceous and don't feel like drinking. (Plus, I know if I decided to go out I'd regret it tomorrow)

    I'm not mad at my bf for going, and they all wanted me to come... but now it's just me, my computer and my books... and I just feel really lonely.

    It's hard with law school - one group of my school friends goes out a ton and I feel like I can't really keep up with them, and I also don't want to go out on school nights - so sometimes I feel like I'm left behind. It's of my own choice though... This is the year where my grades really matter, and I did really well first semester and don't want to blow it.
    My study buddy makes me feel like I should be studying all the time and never going out and then sometimes I feel guilty when I do. I feel like law school has aged me 10 years - now when weekends roll around I just look forward to having more time to get work done and all I want to do at night is hang around the apt with my bf and watch tv and drink wine - hitting the bars with my undergrad friends is too exhausting!
  11. Hitting bars wont pay the bills and get you a good education!LOL!YOU did well by staying behind..its the right thing to do.everyone gets lonely.its human nature,,,,dont feel bad,we are all here to chat with ya!hugs!
  12. I'm alone usually, but I never feel lonely :p I dunno, I guess I like spending time with myself more than with others.
  13. I used to get episodes of being lonely when I was in my twenties and early thirties. Funny, that was when I was very active socially, and had room mates.

    I think part of being lonely was thinking I needed a boyfriend or two at all times. When that went bust, I felt empty.

    Now that I live alone, I enjoy my time. I don't gve a hang about boyfriends. A good one is great and bad one makes you feel more lonely.

    When I want company, I make an effort to get some. I think the age of technology has made it easier to be in touch.
  14. Absolutely!

    Everything alright?
  15. I think you did the right thing by staying in. Are you feeling better today?