Lonely in New York...in Sydney!

  1. Ok, to explain the title of this thread, I'm a pining to visit New York, but I can't go now for work reasons. (Plus I need to save heaps of money for the shopping!!!)

    So in long anticipation of the first and best time ever in the US/NY, I'd love to learn more about about it, know the best places to go and hopefully meet Pfers who live there!

    Does anyone know of any good websites/blogs on NY? Fashion, food, musical theatre/jazz ones related would be awesome!

    Any NY Pfers interested in learning more about Sydney and Aussie life, I'll be happy to exchange info or chat! Please pm me! :tender:
  2. iv just got back from my first trip to NY. it is amazing!! im already saving up to go back LOL.
    check out citybuzznewyork.com.
    good luck with saving.