LONELY Hermes Club!

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  1. This is sort of like the lonely hearts club thread.

    Some of our dear members are feeling a bit lonely...as in no Hermes for them at all. Maybe they don't own a single bag, but they are dying for one. Maybe their luck has been quite terrible. Maybe, at present, the money is not there to feed their love for Hermes. Maybe, just maybe, they have not been able to buy a bag for years.

    We always hear from the "fortunate ones" in the subforum. Some amazing members deserve attention for being so great to others...some need good wishes...a little strength to get them through the wait.

    Tell us what bag you want and how you are feeling these days. I know it is hard to constantly watch others and many of you have been so kind and celebrate with a tiny bit of pain inside.

    Come forward ladies...we are here for you and we are ready to support and cheer you on!!!
  2. What a great idea!
  3. I'm feeling the dark and powerful pains of self-denial!!! Since I fell into this wonderful site last week I have put myself on the shopping wagon. I will try to be strong. And I have a plan!

    First, I read all of the threads, going back to mid September. I read the reference materials and the leather guide (thank you ladies for your time and hard work!).

    Now I know what I want. My ultimate goal is a HAC, 40cm or 45cm. I believe I want it in peau lisse. I will check the leather book at my local shop to make sure it is as wonderful as I believe. I think the peau lisse is very appropriate for men and it should suit my personal style, very classic, khaki, grey flannel, tweeds.

    As my HAC will probably have to be a SO I am going to start making nice with an SA, whom I have decided (based on past threads) will be Ronnie. I want to get a couple different tote bags, maybe a messenger bag, some pocket squares to brighten up my navy blazers, some small leather things, and some cashmere. I like a few of the fragrances as well, so those are always a possibility for an impulse / fix.

    I thought after a year or so I would approach the subject of the SO if it has not already been mentioned. This will also be a break in time for the DH/DSO to get used to H $.
  4. What a thoughtful thread, and I would like to offer my imaginary shoulder for those who are "lonely"....I was once upon a time "lonely" too until I started saving and planning and very once, my first H bag was placed into my adoring hands. So what I want to say is - it will come!

    Good things come to those who wait :smile:
  5. I was just telling my dh how sad I was and I was about to band myself from this site b/c I feel so left out seeing all the birkins you ladies have. I have been in love with the birkin since I was young. My dh already approve my birkin purchase and told me that if I come across the top 2 birkin on my list I can purchase both at the same time(I know there is a limit of one pp each year, so I will have to buy one under my account and one on my husband's account) b/c he doesn't want to see me go thought all the withdraw again when I want the 2nd one.

    I have been on the wait-list with my SA for about 4 months now(SA said it might be 6 months or so). I know it's not a long time to wait but I just hate waiting for anything. I will just OCD over it until I get a hold on one. During this time my dh been buying me H belts, scarfs and etc to keep my mind off the birkin.

    we are also planning a trip to Paris in Jan in hopes of finding my dream birkin. Hopefully things will work out better there.

    I also want to thank all of you for all the informative post and your help to my silly questions. It really helps me in making a inform decision on my birkin.

    all the best to all that is also waiting for their dream bag.

    1st choice- 35 gold togo birkin /ph
    2nd choice- 35 black togo birkin /ph
  6. Oh, CXYVR......you WILL get your dream bag. You really will....one only has to have some patience. The first major hurdle you have already cleared...and that's the DH who is supportive. With that and a little patience, you will have your bag when the time is right.....keep smiling....and keep posting. I know I speak for all of us when I say we love all our Hermes friends!!!!!
  7. thank you shopmom

    I always read your post and you are always so sweet to everyone even the unpopular ones like me.:yes:
  8. This thread has my name written all over it! (KB- you are so bad!)

    Yes, I too am part of the lonely hearts club! My PHH and I have had a major set back this year when he bought his dental practice- which is now going to be another case for me! UGH! So while I should be a part-time litigator (as if there is such a thing) I am working myself to the bone because I simply must right now. It's funny, at a time when my PHH and I had planned to be enjoying our success and me staying home with my adorable son- the rug was pulled out from underneath us! So while I will continue to conspire and plan out my list of H-bags I intend to buy the minute PHH's dental practice picks up, I will enjoy living through all of you!!! Thank you all for sharing with me!!!
  9. Thank you for such a thoughtful thread, Kellybag.

    cxyvr - I am sure your dream bag will come in no time. We're all here to share experience and to encourage each other. I am glad you have a very supportive DH (by the way are you from Vancouver [yvr]?)

    I waited for about almost a year before I got my Birkin (well, that's not exactly the one I ordered originally but I changed my mind later). You will get yours pretty soon, plus, DH approves you to buy both if the 2 are available at the same time!! Double treat!!! :yes:
  10. yes I am originally from yvr. Not many ppl can pick up that fact from my name unless they live there of work in the airline industry.

    How about you? are you from yvr too? did you get your birkin in yvr?

    yvr is so small, we might even know each other. If I met you while you are carrying your brikin I would have remember you since not many ppl carries birkins. you are one of the few stylish ones..
  11. oh cxyvr! I must be so blind! Im from Vancouver and never notice that (but again I don't travel much hehe)

    Hmm I feel a little lonely because I am waiting patiently for my SO Kelly... I keep seeing a lotta beautiful H bags for sale (ebay etc) but I have to wait... so its a toughie! But patience pays off I think! Plus I need to save up and stick to a "one big H bag a year" policy and this year thats already done with all my other purchases sigh....
  12. Well, I'm at the end of my list. I've pretty much acquired the bags that I want with the exception of 4. 2 have been SO'ed, and the other 2 will be SO'ed in February. I've discussed my bag choices with my SA and we've come to the conclusion SO is the only way to go, as these bags rarely show up in regular store inventory. In fact, my combinations have not been seen at least in the last 2 years. I've gotten to the point that nothing appeals to me in the store anymore so I'm drumming my fingers while I wait for these SO's to arrive.
  13. I never thought about ordering or wait list at the yvr store since it's so small. I thought they won't have a lot of shipments but it seems like ppl are getting lucky in yvr.

    good luck to you. pls update when your bags comes in
  14. This thread is close to my heart. I've had a lot of setbacks lately...tons of little things coming up that have made my savings account cry. Case in point I just cracked one of my darn back teeth. And found out that our insurance only covers half of a crown. *sigh* So I love to live vicariously through others on this thread while I save and wait for next year. :shame:
  15. This thread takes a nice little piece of my heart. I am really glad everyone can share their feelings here with us and tell their stories. It can get really hard to sit back and listen to all the great "bag stories" week after week.

    I remember how it was to feel like I will never get a bag...you all will...takes a bit of time, but you will.