Lonely and sad - I totally need a hug! *UPDATE* It's done!

  1. I'm tired, feeling very lonely and sad, and I have the GRE tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Perfect combination, huh?

    I could totally use a hug right now :sad:
  2. Virtual Hug going your way Cristina :heart:
  3. :hugs:Hope you feel better, and goodluck tomorrow!
  4. :smooch:
    you'll do fine, you are super smart i have total faith in you!!!
  5. Its ok just relax and don't stress about it to much. I bet you will do great you worked so hard to get to this point....:hugs:
  6. Believe in yourself. You are so much stronger than you think. It will work out.
  7. *big hugs* Cristina, don't psych yourself out, you'll do great!!
  8. Thanks, everyone :shame: It's just been a stressful week in every way, and to top things off, I have to get up at the !@#$ crack of dawn and take a 4-hour exam.

    I just want this day to be over so I can go home, go straight to bed and hibernate :ninja: until tomorrow.

    :hugs:<--- I love this smiley! Adorable.
  9. :hugs:Love ya honey.
  10. Big hugs!!! I will be sending positive thoughts tomorrow morning!!! You will nail it!! I know it!!! xx
  11. :heart: you too, 'Peedy.

    Thanks, J! :heart: I am totally letting off some steam tomorrow night after the test. It's me, wine, tPF and the cats :tup:
  12. Best of luck tomorrow! :dothewave:

    Sending you happy thoughts!
  13. Cristina- hang in there!!!! I hate 'these' kinds of weeks, because it just makes you feel down in the dumps. But tomorrow you will be done and have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders!!

    Let's go get lunch next week!! :heart:
  14. Aww! You'll be fine!! Good luck!:kiss:
  15. Aww, sorry you're feeling down. Hugs to you:heart:. I'm sure you will do great tomorrow! Be nice to yourself the rest of the weekend.:drinkup: