Londons Legacy

  1. whenever people think about fashion icons in france, they think LV, in england, they think signature burberry, but what about the other ones? what designers does london have that have their own signature style?

    theres paul smith..
  2. The tailors of Savile Row
    Turnbull & Asser
    Russell & Bromley which makes some interesting shoes and handbags.
    Laura Ashley?? :smile:
  3. Mulberry
    Smythson of Bond St
  4. Jo Malone comes to mind.
  5. Jo Malone comes to mind as an English fragrance icon.
  6. Ohhh.....I love Jo Malone. Been wearing the Grapefruit Cologne for years.
  7. vivienne westwood
  8. Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Warehouse!
    Quick turnaround of the latest fashion trends at reasonable prices!
  9. tomorrow i gotta check out all these places! lol
  10. what about matthew williamson? I looove his stuff :love:
  11. Jimmy Choo!!!
  12. The tailors of Savile Row- what is this? is this a suit company or something?
    Turnbull & Asser- this is a proper shirt store?
    Russell & Bromley- love their look back at the past section, i want those early shoes, so elegant and glamorous!
    Laura Ashley- goes without saying
    Smythson of Bond St- im liking, in the summer i want to buy a bag (of course) and a journal and that secretarie! think i will buy their stationary too, only theirs to be like my signature..just dont like the pigskin.
  13. Savile Row is an area near Bond St in London and there is a cluster of tailors (suit shops) who make bespoke suits. They are famous for their workmanship. Prince Charles goes there for his suits! You get the idea...
  14. i looooove top shop!!! :smile:
    vivienne weswood andd john galliano are two artists that you recognize often beacuse they have their particular style, and the same is for alexander mc queen!
  15. how about Radley ???