Londondolly's Trio of Reveals..

  1. Wow, lovely purchases!! LOVE LOVE your griolet CDC! Looks beautiful on your arm.
  2. lovely purchases, congrats!!!~
  3. Woooo Wheeee! Gorgeous!
  4. All so pretty, Londondolly! Really fab, I just love the horn pendant and the CDC.
  5. love your CDC, and we are piggie twins, LOL!
  6. [​IMG]

    Beautiful!!! Love the CDC
  7. Congratulations! Griolet is such a pretty colour.
  8. congrats !!!
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. congrats londondolly!

    I'm soooo drooling over your CDC...just fab on you! :tup:
  11. great choices congrats!
  12. JuicyAGoGo: DD is turning 26mths next week! Time really flies.. :amuse:
    Here's a recent photo of the little cheeky monkey!

    Robee: I purchased the CDC from USA! I tried to get it in Sgp but the SA told me that this color isn't available locally.

    Thank you everyone for dropping by!

  13. she is so adorable...... DH always tell me "3rd one and a gal* told him can't have 3 boys running around! hahhaa

    I was checking with SA last week on CDC.
    Usually they don't have cdc on display as always no stock and regulars always booked in advance.
    My friend in Rome now, no CDC too.
    She was told by the SA that Florence Store is a lot bigger :graucho:
  14. [​IMG]

    Your little girl is too precious for words, LondonDolly!
    Congrats on your trio of goodies - I am looking for that CDC! (is it box?)
  15. Congrats we are Gold Horn twins love mine have worn it lots, fab colour CDC , and great idea for your piggy getting initials on it can hand down to your DD lovely