Londondolly's Trio of Reveals..

  1. It's been a long time since I last posted and thought I should do so now by sharing with you my little trio of newbies to my H family!:graucho:

    Meet my new horn pendant, piggy keychain charm & my favourite of the lot, CDC in Griolet with Palladium hardware!:smile:
    DSC00635.jpg DSC00636.jpg
  2. Gorgeous trinity of h-iness, esp the griolet cdc!!! And so happy to see one of the cutest avatars EVER back in action!
  3. gorgeous!! congrats
  4. u definitely have some yummy goodies!

    thanks for sharing... the piglet in shocking pink so cute....nice necklace and neat CDC, modelling pics maybe;)

  5. the cdc is soooo lovely - nice to have you back!
  6. Lovely trio! Agree with Rushka, nice to see you and your adorable DD back on tpf!
  7. Lovely!!
    The piggy charm is such so pretty, isn't? I have one of those and I would smile every time I look at it!
    3 x Congratulations!!
  8. I've been eyeing a CDC in black with PHW for the longest time, but I really fell in love with this beautiful color, Griolet when I laid eyes on it. Had to have it! :heart::love:
    DSC00639-1.jpg DSC00638.jpg
  9. GORGEOUS!!!! CONGRATS!!!! Welcome back Londondolly!!! :yahoo:

    Any new pics of your cute-as-a-button DD to share? Hehehe!!!!
  10. great purchases, love the cdc!
  11. Awww ladies, you're too generous with your compliments! Thanks!

    I got the piggy keycharm becos DD is born in the year of the Pig! Would really like to emboss her name/initials on it!
  12. Great purchases! Especially love your CDC!
  13. Lovely additions to your H family - Congratulations!!:woohoo:
  14. thanks for the pic...... I am starting to think I might need a CDC some point in life
    I have never see this colour before.... it's very pretty

  15. Congratulations! all lovely picks!
    People born in year of Pig are smart! ~