LondonBrats much reduced collection

  1. These are photos of my much reduced collection after I had my house robbed. Since then I have aquired many pieces! More really than I would have expected to have normally! Some are presents from my Mum, my fiancee, my future mother in law. And most are just me working my butt off and treating myself.
    There are SOO many pieces on my wish list.

    The first pic is of my carry alls.

    From left to right is:

    - Black leather Yves St.Laurent Carryall
    - LV Epi blue speedy 40 (from the year it was introduced- 1985)
    - Balenciaga Linea Metallic carryall (I dont know what this size is called!)
  2. VERY nice London!

    Still can't believe your sotry . . . :sad:
  3. It's lovely and the epi speedy is tdf :love: I feel so sorry for what your "friend" did though, she deserves all s*** she can possibly get :mad:
  4. love the blue speedy!
  5. :cry: gorgeous bags, londonbrat, i hope you collection becomes bigger and better than before.:flowers:

    as for that BEAST you once thought of as a friend, she'll get what's coming to her. :censor:
  6. and here is the rest;

    - Apple green Mulberry Roxanne
    - Black Jimmy Choo Ramona
    - Chocolate Balenciaga city
    - Balenciaga Day hobo in Caramel
    - Balenciaga Day hobo in Sky Blue
  7. Thanks guys! The blue speedy is from my fiancees Mum. She bought it when the epi line was first introduced. She gave it to me knowing i'm sooo into vintage LV.

    Here is my LV lot (most aquired in the past 3 months)

    - Bronze Tompkins square
    - Trapeze GM
    - Green Denim Neo Speedy
    - Blue denim Neo Speedy
    - Fushia Perf pochette
    - Mini Speedy HL
    - Fuchia Perf Zippe Wallet
  8. The Pink Ladies!

    - Again my trapeze with matching shawl

    - Pink Fendi Buckle edition
    - Pink Fendi Baguette with sterling silver solid hardware
    DSC00791.JPG DSC00792.JPG
  9. Holy cow!! You've been doing some replenishing!
    Excellent collection!
  10. Wow, you have a lot of FAB bags. Thanks for sharing!

    Gawd though, your purse-snatching ex friend is such a b**ch for doing that to you. ewwwwwww.. :mad:

    Thankfully, there are better bags and of course better friends out there! :biggrin:
  11. I love your trapeze, it's stunning with the shawl. It's still terrible to think about what happened, and don't worry, karma will get her !
  12. Clutches and/or evening bags:

    - Roberto Cavalli Silk Snake clutch
    - White Seashell bag (Thanks so much Sunshine!)

    - Brown Python Fendi Selleria clutch
    - Stella McCartney Chain bag
    - Accesorize silver bead clutch
    - Louis Vuitton Cruise collection silk scarf
  13. Guys thanks so much for the complements. I worked sooo hard to get these new ones.
    I do love them, but the ones that are gone have suh great memories, like the vintage chanel bag from my mum. Then the Pythone Silverado which I doubt I can afford again.

    Neverthe less, I went handbag crazy this year. Disgustingly my friend says she saw her carrying my guccisima bag but didnt have time to take a photo of her (phone). I ended up with only 3-4 bags from the collection you see above.

    The pics are missing my Brown Luella Stevie (thanks chigrl!) and my Longchamps. The photos are on my phone and Ineed to send them here. I will post them soon.
  14. Wow awesome collection.:biggrin: Im really sorry for what happened, im sure that your ex friend will pay dearly for what she did. :rant:
  15. Fab collection LB, thanks for sharing!:love:
    I'm pleased you've managed to replenish some of your collection, it's a shame you never got back some of your other things though:sad: ....what goes around comes around eh...?:amuse: :yes: :heart: