1. Well, I visited the cap city of the UK yesterday: London. It seemed really weird, I mean I always see LV when I visit, but yesterday I saw soooo many. I saw Monograms, Damiers, a Marshmallow Vernis something or other, a MC Trouville, a silver Mirroir Papillon and wait for it, not one but TWO Cabas Raye GMs; sooo nice IRL.

    But I also had a little trip to LV myself, and after being downright lied to bu UK customer services (apparently there is no such thing as the icons book!!) i went to the Bond Street Store and picked up one. i almost got the snowflake pins, but decided against it in the end, mayb another time.

    So, I will post pics if anyone is interested (after I've taken some), but im sure you've all seen it many times before, and i wanted to post mainly at my excitement at seeing so many nice bags IRl in one day.
  2. i want to see pics! i love seeing lv's irl..its so much people watching..bag watching is even more fun!
  3. yes plz pics:yahoo:
  4. waaa, i'm gettin excited too when i saw others LV bag:smile: Sounds like great trip there, pics will be :heart: ly! hehehe congratzzz btw:yahoo: u got somethin
  5. I was talking bout my icons book, so if you want some i will, I did get a couple of blurry ones of the two Cabas Raye GMs as I was stalking them around Madame Tussauds lol. It will have to wait until tomorrow I'm afraid as I'm going out soon.
  6. Im off to the store in edin tomorrow to buy the icon book, UK customers service said exact same to me! Can you remember how much you paid for it?
  7. oh yes! Any pics of LVs!:graucho:

    How did you like Madam Tussauds? Is it worth seeing?
  8. Hey Katy, don't know if this is too late, or whether you've already got it, but I paid £12.

    Pinkiwhatever99, Madame Tussauds was good, although very busy and so therefore quite chlostrophobic (sp). My second visit there, and not really something i'll hurry back to, but maybe in a few years time, or if I have children, I expect I'll take them, though here's a tip, book your tickets the day before, we came out and there was a queue half way down the street and so we were very glad to have booked.

    Pictures are on the way I promise!
  9. pics!
  10. So, it took me a little longer than I expected, been tied up with going back to school (Oh so soon after the holidays!!:crybaby: )

    But here they are, pictures of the Cabas Rayes and my new Icons book!
    CabasRaye1.jpg CabasRaye2.jpg Icons1.jpg Icons2.jpg Icons3.jpg
  11. And one more, just because I really like this page!
  12. Congrat's... awesome purchase , thanks for sharing.
  13. loves them ! congrats !
  14. Congrats!
  15. OMG steve I've just looked at your number of posts, how did you get sooo many?! lol