London, UK H help needed!

  1. On my seemingly eternal karo quest - my mother will be in London in the next 2 weeks. I don't know anything about H in London, but I'd like to send her to a boutique to see if she can get her hands on a karo.

    I am assuming there are several stores/boutiques - where would my best shot be? I am thinking of calling the boutique and seeing if they will place a karo on hold. Is that possible? Am I dreaming? Is it best for my mother to just go in and ask?

    Thoughts/advice appreciated.
  2. Piaffe, I have found that in the past Sloane Street always has a large and varied selection of accessories.
    Theres also New Bond Street,Royal Exchange and the concessions in Harrods and Selfridges.
    I am not sure if they will hold anything, I hope someone else will be able to answer that question for you.
  3. Here are the shops in London:
    1. Bond St.
    2. Sloane St.
    3. Royal Exchange

    1. Selfridges
    2. Harrods

    I've never been to Royal Exchange so I'm not sure what they have. I usually go to Bond St because my SA was there. Sloane St is just renovated. Personally I prefer Bond St but others like Sloane St better.

    I personally don't like the H in Harrods. They don't have that much and they are really quite snobbish. The Selfridges concession is lovely. It just opened and the staff are friendly. They have a ton of stuff hiding in drawers and in the back. Since they are quite new, the staff doesn't always know what you are talking about. Be sure to ask them to check the computer.

    The good thing is Selfridges/Bond St are close to each other and Harrods/Sloane St are very close as well. I would hit all 4. Actually I think they can just check the computer in one store to see what the others have.
  4. This is all helpful - thank you!
  5. I cant really add a lot! the royal exchange branch is tiny, so I would make that your mum's last port of call. I think all branches would say over the phone whether they had a karo, but I doubt if they would hold it for you.

    If you want to pm me when your mum is here I will happily call the stores for you and find out what they have.....HTH
  6. There's also an Hermes in the north west of England, in Manchester. If you phone them in advance and they have a karo, they will be able to send it to a London store for your mother to have a look (without commitment to buy)
  7. :lol: i prefer sloane st to bond st and i think they're much nicer in harrod's than selfridges (where they can be a little.. slow). if she flies out of terminal 3 or 4 at heathrow they have shops there too ;)
  8. Piaffe, I think you should be able to call Sloane St and they will tell you if they have a karo (it's not quite like asking for a kelly or a birkin). If you call either on the day she's there or possibly the day before, they might be persuaded to hold it for you; it may be a long shot, but it's worth asking.
  9. they do hold small things like scarves, so they may well hold a karo. i know they won't hold a kelly pochette though.
  10. Piaffe,

    I am also looking for the Karo pouch and will be passing through London next week.

    Anyhow I called the Bond Street store yesterday and spoke with a helpful male SA who checked the computer and told me that they don't have any Karo in stock. I am not sure if he meant only the Bond Street store but they only have the Bebop ;((
  11. Oh drat!

    I am hoping that was store-specific. I wonder if they can check the concessions at Harrod's and Selfridges from a boutique?
  12. i'm fairly sure that was store specific, when i called around asking for de passage à tokyo back in november or so i called all of them and some of them said yes, some no.
  13. Ah! Hope! - thanks
  14. it's at least worth a shot!

    oh and to clarify, i'm not crazy and just randomly calling around to see if they had the tokyo, i wanted black and nobody had it but some of them had nothing at all and some had other colours ;)
  15. Manchester NEVER has Karos. I've already asked the store manager - she never orders them in - or so I was told anyway and I've never seen one in all the time that store has been open ( 9 years!). Stick to London for this.