London trip - 4 boutiques = 7 items (pics coming)


Jan 26, 2008
i just came back from London and trudged through the cold weather and went to all 4 boutiques in london in one day. From the Sloane St boutique to Harrods to the Brompton cross boutique and finally Selfridges!

All 4 boutiques have different designs and bags available and I bought different stuff from each boutique except for the selfridges one which was overcrowded and had no friendly SA to service me.

My most buys came from Brompton as the SA was nice and it was not crowded, I went back on 3 separate days and got different items.

In total I came back with the following (prices in GBP as I remember before VAT refund. yes prices went up again! i was charged more than what was stated on the paper price tags for some items)

From Brompton
1) Chanel beige clair med flap in caviar (1570)
2) Chanel beige and black tip ballerinas flats in lambskin (295)
3) Chanel baguette Valentine pink flap in lambskin with heart tags chain (1320)
4) Chanel red med flap in lambskin (1665)

From Sloane
5) Chanel short caviar black agenda book (275)
6) Chanel CC stud earrings (125)

From Harrods
7) Matte Reissue 226 in black aged calf leather with gold hardware (1670)

I was really happy with my purchases and managed to get my VAT refund in cash which was quite a lot of savings!

will update on pics soon !!
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Dec 3, 2007
Welcome back! £1320 for Valentine e/w is great price!! I got one from Paris couple months ago and I think I paid €1550 for it. With current exchange rate, this means UK is still cheaper than France, even after all the price increases. You are so making me want to fly over to the other side of the pond~


Dec 16, 2007
Ooh, would you mind telling me how you got your VAT refund in cash? I'm going there in March! :smile: TIA!
Jan 10, 2007
Congrats on what sounds like an awesome haul! And you will love your black matte calf reissue w/bh in is Chanel handbag perfection!


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
The city that never sleeps!
You made out like a bandit!! :nuts: I especially love the light beige caviar flap (if yours has gold h/w, then we're twins! :smile:) and matte black reissue! :love: Ahh, I miss the days when the prices you wrote (especially for the medium flaps and e/w) more or less reflected the actual prices of those flaps in US dollars! :nuts: :sad: An early congrats! :yahoo: