London Tote Midi in warm grey snake print and black velvet matte reveal!

  1. I was really not sure about doing this, buying 2 bags at once, but I was dreaming of a black velvet matte London Tote Midi already and even had one built in my BEC wish list! So when I heard this was coming in stock I started emailing the lovely BE ladies! Then someone went and posted a picture of the warm grey snake print and I was done! I honestly cannot believe they are in my hands already! They shipped out Weds and were delivered today! This is what Belen Echandia is all about! Luxury from the beginning to end; from my first email inquiring about the bags to delivery in just 2 days to the most beautiful leathers in an incredibly gorgeous style! I cannot tell you how very pleased I am!

    So let me reveal 2 of the most beautiful bags I own:

    First the black velvet matte with caramel lining and silver hardware!



    At first I was unsure of a black bag with caramel lining but I just decided to trust Jackie and believe that she knew what she was doing! I'm glad I did because the caramel lining is stunning against this black. This is not an ordinary black, it has this beautiful goldish sheen to it. It's not enough to make the silver hardware look like it doesn't belong though! It's just perfect! The leather feels silky to the touch but I can tell it's going to be a hard wearing leather. I already knew I'd love the style as I purchased an anthracite LTM several months ago and have used it quite often. I have only one black BE, a WTM Midi in the old black crash so I felt like I needed to add another black bag. This one fills the hole perfectly! I cannot wait to carry it!

    Next the warm grey snake print:



    This one also comes with silver hardware but has the signature fuchsia lining which is the perfect pop against this lovely grey shade! I am fussy about greys and was a bit worried about loving it but it is simply lovely! It's a nice, warm toned grey and the snake print is gorgeous! I've shied away from snake print because to me they always seem cheap. They look as if the 'print' is just on the top of the leather, not deeply embedded which has always been unappealing to me but not BE! The print is perfectly embedded in the leather giving it a very lux look and feels incredible to touch! It's not a 'real' feeling snake print so it doesn't creep me out like I thought it might! LOL! This is my first snake print bag and I'm really glad I took the chance on it!

    I've not posted a whole lot lately but I really wanted to share these two bags for those that might be unsure of this style or these leathers. I highly recommend either bag or even both! :lol: I have had a great experience from beginning to end! All the staff emails have been so pleasant and friendly (I've always found them to be!), unbelievably quick shipping, great packaging and incredibly beautiful bags! When a company does this good they deserve praise! Belen Echandia outdid themselves this time! :woohoo:
  2. Wow! Congratulations! Those are both incredibly lovely bags. The leather on the black one looks absolutely amazing. These are both midi size correct? Is the full size available in these colors as well? I need a good work tote and am wondering if the full size would fit a laptop...
  3. STUNNING! I adore the matte leathers - my fav ever! And the copper lining is my fav BE lining, so a winner to me. Enjoy!:biggrin:
  4. Beautiful bags TL!!

    I will say the snakeprint is growing on does kind of creep me out...but it looks lovely, and very deep...which does speak of quality to me...

    So this makes 3 LTMidi's right??
  5. Thanks, ladies! Yes, these are both the midi size which is the right size for me but I do know some gals love the full size! I think these are available in the full size as well. And yes, I now own 3 LTMs! I have a medium purple pebbled LTM in my BEC too! These two pushed my BEC schedule back just a bit but I should have the purple in March! :biggrin:
  6. What great bags you got, congrats! They're both lovely, but the velvet black with caramel lining is a stunner.

    I have an olive mat Hold Me with a caramel lining and I think Carmel as a lining is becoming my favorite, it's a beautiful color/shade. I'm sure you'll love using yours!

    Enjoy you new beauties!!!
  7. Thank you! Caramel is at the top of my favs too now! Purple is probably my favorite but caramel is a close 2nd! I hope you're enjoying your lovely bag as well! :smile:
  8. Such lovely choices! As an London Tote fan, it's so much fun seeing this bag in other leathers and linings. Both choices are fantastic. I hope you have great fun carrying them!

  9. Thanks, Tejas! I'm so glad BE offered these! I really wanted a black LTM! This and the Treasure Me are my favorite bags!
  10. Stunning Teena!

    I've ordered the EXACT same ones only in the full-size versions!

    Love these.

    How are you enjoying wearing them?
  11. So far I've only carried the black but tomorrow I plan on switching to the grey! I love the black! It's already getting a slouch! Can't wait to hear what you think of yours! I know you'll love them!
  12. NEWS FLASH. Ha ha. Just received my London Tote in grey snakeprint, full size today. It is the perfect size for me, does not seem big at all. The leather is so thin and light, that it slouches and doesn't look big, just looks fashionable. Whilst the leather is thin, it is extremely strong -- it is an amazing leather. The grey tone is captivating-- goes from grey to beige in different lights, a perfect greige. Perfect for spring and summer -- TOTALLY STYLISH. This must be London Tote season, as everyone is receiving theirs.
  13. Here's a kudos, props and shout out to TEJAS MAMA!!!!! She is the one who feels so strongly about the London Tote, that she caught my attention with her fervor! And whilst I didn't join in on her group BEC, my eyes were opened to the fabulousness of this handbag. Thank you Tejas!

    By the way, the photos above of the Warm Grey Snakeprint ...the color is off. It is very beigey, warm grey, not grey grey. A really amazing leather.
  14. Very pretty bags. I've got a gray snakeskin NY midi satchel coming.
  15. Yea! I'm so glad you love your London Tote and found the full size to be the perfect fit!:hugs:

    The photos I've seen of this bag make me want one--the grey snakeprint would be so versatile in year round conditions. I'm still anxiously awaiting an update on our BEC and can't wait to receive our whiskey beauties.

    I hope more ladies will discover the fabulousness that is the London Tote. Maybe we can convince BE to keep this style for awhile and introduce it in more colors. I just love it when a bag turns out to be beautiful and practical--the best of both worlds.:smile: