LONDON! tips - questions - advice

  1. i'd say the big estate agents aren't great for short term lets, when they offer them they'll be very expensive. i'm in the same situation right now, i'm looking for about a month in NY and it's not easy :push:

    for london i'd look on and see what shows up, it is like craigslist though, so she should be careful.
  2. I agree with annanas, estate agent’s aren’t the way to go for short term lets. I’d also suggest looking on gumtree or for short term lets. There are a lot of students in London that rent their flats out for the summer.

    Another good source for summer sublets is, but its not open to the public. If you know someone who’s a member, perhaps he/she can research for you?
  3. Purple: Thank you for that link!!!!
  4. Maybe some UKers can clarify this, but the last time I was in London, the museums were open to the public, no charge....hopefully it will be like this for you when you go ??

    here's a link to some....
  5. Yes, I like Pizza Express if you're on a budget and my absolute favorite which is so filling yet healthy is WAGAMAMA!!! :yahoo: I love it...there are several of them all over London.
    I think as long as you avoid shopping you will be fine. Shopping was where I spend the most money.
  6. I'll definitely be avoiding shopping! Nothing I need that I can't buy here at home! It will definitely be just sightseeing stuff for me!

    I checked out the theater website....but I didn't see anywhere that it said 1/2 price....when I clicked on the buy tickets link, it just takes me to ticketmaster. I didn't realize how many shows are playing....I really want to see one now!
  7. twiggers, I know you are getting your phd but do you teach at all? would you be considered a teacher? or you're probably considered a student for this too (but it might just be under 26) ... but check out, they have great deals for students & teachers like half price touristy things and cheap train fare if you did want to go out of london. I was planning on going to london next month and was going to use it for the bulk of my planning! they have a card that lets you get student/teacher discounts at museums and stuff.
  8. Hey Twiggers,

    I live in London, so feel free to ask me for advice/tips!
    By the way, the ticket to Windsor castle is really expensive, actually more than stated on their website (maybe it varies with days of the week, but it's not properly advertised!). My mum paid £25 for two tickets.
  9. Another: I would technically still be considered a student! I am going to check into that and see if it will be worth buying it!!!!

    I've received some great PMs from people suggesting things I have never even thought of...and I'm finding out that many of the museums are free in the evening (when I will have time to go)!!

    I am probably going to start mapping out my itinerary within the next couple of days and figuring out exactly how much I'll be spending!
  10. A great show to see is joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat at the Adelphi. The main character joseph (lee mead, who won the competition in any dream will do for the part) is my best friends friend and she said it was amazing! I have also seen Hairspray the musical with Ben Ellis and Michael Ball it was brilliant, entertaining and everyone got into it by dancing at the end. I you go to the stage door at the end you can meet the cast too, its really easy to get to as my friends and I who were all 16 at the time managed to get from Chelmsford in essex there by ourselves with no help from Holborn tube station! Hope you have a great time:heart:
  11. Thanks Haute!!!
  12. The last time I was in London for any length of time (2005) I went to St. Pauls with my aunt. It was not free. It cost about $16 to get in. I noticed that most of the attractions/monuments are not free in London like they are in Paris. Be prepared to pay... unfortunately
  13. I haven't been in a few years. I remember the British Museum being free, but then having to pay for a map of the museum, but still probably cheaper than if they charged admission. And like someone mentioned before, St. Pauls is most definitely not free! For me, who traveled extensively through Italy and France, that was a shock!

    For a trip I am planning, I looked on Lonely Planet and they had sort of a breakdown of expected costs... scroll down on this page for the London one:

    The travel guides from Lonely Planet and Lets Go tend to focus on budget-friendly travel options. It may be worth buying one, or looking through them for restaurant ideas and other cost-saving tips.

    Have an awesome trip!
  14. Awww man that sucks about St. Paul's...that was one of the places I didn't get to see last time. I really thought the churches would be free! I remember having to pay for Westminster Abbey but not for the church!

    Blue: Thank you for the link!!!! I really appreciate it!