LONDON! tips - questions - advice

  1. Hey ya'll- my grandparents and I are planning a trip to Europe next year and I was hoping I could get some input from well-traveled PF'ers as to where we should stay in London. Hotels in Paris and Nice have been selected (Rome's iffy but that's another thread :upsidedown:), yet I'm having trouble picking one at our first destination. I've heard good things about the Dorchester and the Connaught (I saw in Departures that it's recently undgone a $140m rennovation), but they are pricey, especially with the lousy exchange rate :push: We can get a two-bedroom suite at a nice Marriott in Mayfair for about $1k USD a night (probably the best deal we'll find) but would be willing to go with one of the nicer hotels if they are in fact worth paying more than twice as much for.

    Any other advice about things to do in London is also welcome and most appreciated :flowers:
  2. Ooh that sounds like a great holiday you have planned! London is one of my favourite cities in the world...

    One good resource you can check out is . You can search for luxury hotels, there are plenty of nice ones to choose from. How many days will you be staying? there are plenty of things to do in London!
  3. Is there any particular area you want to be in? Or close to anything? Special features of the hotel?
    There is the Baglioni, overlooking Kensington gardens- its a smaller boutique hotel.
    Intercontinental Park Lane- Thats near the dorchestor.
    The Hempel - very modern hotel in Bayswater, on the other side of Oxford Street.
    Browns Hotel - off Bond Street, very british.
    Sheraton Park Towers in Knightsbridge across the street from Harvey Nicks.

    It really depends on what you are looking for, and what you want to be near.

    The Dorchester is quite a safe choice.

    Wherever you stay hope you have fun!!
  4. ^Preferably a decently-sized hotel within close proximity to shopping (lol) where the rooms are of reasonable size and moderninity. Nothing ultra-modern or severe (Le Meridien, W, etc.), and probably not a chain hotel if it's not a Marriott (might as well use your points lol).
  5. There is a MArriott beside the Eye of London. It was close proximity to Parliament and the Eye and was a nice hotel :smile: I don't think rooms were very expensive at all...maybe 200 pounds/night.
  6. I just got back from London yesterday. The Kensington and Knightsbridge areas are very nice. I stayed at a hotel called the Grosvenor Kensington on Harrington Road. It was OK, the prices were good. As far as amenities go, they're pretty low on the scale. No room service but there is a daily breakfast included in the hotel price. There's also a nicer one called Grosvenor Knightsbridge, which is bigger and nicer. It's a very central location and close to the Tube, so it's very easy to get around.
  7. Forgot to say that this hotel included a buffet breakfast ( a nice one too)!

    I'm staying at the Novotel London West in is rated as a 4-star and is not that expensive!
  8. The hotel I really like is the Hyatt Regency Churchill - The Churchill, its a stunning hotel, right next to shops a garden square and it includes breakfast. Check it out, you really cannot go wrong with this hotel
  9. As a London girl, I cannot recommend the Covent Garden Hotel too highly - it is wonderful. Chic, luxurious, not stuffy, exemplary customer service, fabulous location and all round brilliance. If it is full (and it often is because it isn't huge) try other hotels in the same, small, privately owned group such as The Soho Hotel, the Haymarket or the Charlotte Street Hotel. I would head to one of these every time over even the most revered large hotels. Let us know where you decide and how you find it!
  10. Wow- thanks for all the great suggestions! I was really hoping their would be one hotel that eveyone would love but I guess that'd be too easy :upsidedown:

    Miss Sooky, thanks especially for the Covent Gardens rec- would've never thought of it but I checked Trip Advisor and they're ranked #16 out of over a thousand London hotels!
  11. Wow! We actually just made reservations yesterday for a hotel in Victoria for ~$1000 for four nights. *sigh* I hope it's decent.. I hope you have an amazing time at your very posh hotel. :smile: I'm a little jealous.
  12. gypsum...I am sure it will be! My hotel is right around that price with a conference discount and it's listed as a 4-star!
  13. Hyatt Regency Churchill is great, I also love the Strand!
  14. aw hon I'm jealous of you- Victoria, BC is such a lovely, picturesque town! You'll have so much fun! I'm only going to Reno this weekend (glamorous I know :graucho:).