London theme

  1. Do any of you ladies know if Hermes does any scarfs/twilly/squares with a London theme?? I spent 15 years in London and it became one of my favorite cities and I would love to have something Hermes-London. On the same note, is there anything Hermes-NYC?
  2. In 1967, Ledoux created a scarf named Paris-London Cent Ans a Londres. There's also the Royal Mews by Jean de Fougerolle, with a 1994 special edition 150th Anniversary of Buckingham Palace. In 1986, there was special edition Cliquetis to commemorate 300 years of London's Bond Street.

    In regards to NYC, there is a 2003 special edition of Jarden Enchante by Ljubomir Milinkov to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Central Park. And Madison Avenue by Kermit Oliver released in 2000 to commemorate the opening of the Madison Avenue store. There was also a 2005 special edition H en Bias to celebrate Christos' "Gates".
  3. HG you are truly amazing!!!! Thank you! Where can I begin to look for these?
    Do you have any pics?
  4. HG, I am now the very proud owner of the London Paris scarf! Thank you so much for your help, you are truly amazing. I will post some pics when it arrives here from Paris.
  5. Yay, Rose!!

    And HG IS amazing!
  6. My god, HG u r a live walking Hermes dictionary :yes:
  7. Hermes encyclopedia. :P
  8. Yeah HG your knowledge of H scarves is amazing! How many H scarves do you have? Do you make it a point to study their history/artist inspirations etc? This is all so interesting!

    I love their scarves too but only know to wear them and not much about their names/backgrounds etc. You're amazing!
  9. ^^^^^Thank you! I think I own around 50 scarves? Haven't counted them all in a while. I also belong to several collector's groups and I have to acknowledge that a lot of my knowledge comes from them.
  10. OMG 50 H scarves...that's like $16k worth of cash!!! <faint>
  11. Wow HG!
  12. Here it is!!!!!!:love:
  13. detail:
    pl2.jpg pl3.jpg pl4.jpg pl5.jpg pl6.jpg
  14. OMG, Rose! I love, love, love it!!!! My favorite colors too! Please tell how you found such a treasure! Is it vintage???? Isn't it GREAT when you find one you've been looking for? I'm still on the hunt for the anniversary of Central Park scarf....found one but the price is sky-high!!!!
  15. Yes, it is vintage and it is absolutely stunning. Flawless, never been used! I was just very lucky to find it on ebay. I am on the hunt for the Central park one too. Selena at CDL has one, but a bit too expensive.....

    So, shall I get it framed or should I wear it? Probably framed, that way, I can admire it's full beauty every day.......?