London store

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  1. Hi. I was in London in April and wanted to get something from London store. I got off at Bond Street and somehow I couldn’t find the store after walking for 2 hours. I ended up at Green Park station.

    I will be going London again in December. Could I have some directions to the store? If I get out at Bond Street station, which are the other designer stores nearest to Goyard that I can use as a gauge?
  2. Carolina Herrera is right by it. It’s only about 10min walking from Bond Street stop.
  3. As far as I’m aware the store is on Mount Street. From Bond Street station (assuming you come out of the West One shopping centre exit) turn left on Oxford street then take the 2nd/3rd left onto Duke Street. Literally keep walking straight down that road until it becomes Grosvenor Square, that leads to Carlos Place which curves round to the left-Goyard is on the bend there right opposite the Connaught Hotel. Hope that makes sense!
  4. Thanks. I hope I can find it in December.