London stock and prices of PS1


Nov 28, 2007
So today I set out on my trip around London to buy the PS1 in medium smoke. After so much contemplating and finally deciding to take the plunge, I am sooooo disappointed to say that I didn't manage to find one in ANY of the stores. I wanted to see the colour for myself IRL. There was no smoke anywhere. It made me wonder whether they were discontinuing it?

Anyway, at least I have managed to compile all the London PS information and share it with you ladies here. This can maybe be a thread we can keep updated for the London gals?

Sorry, can't remember exact prices and didn't look at every style so info is a bit scattered...I esp wasn't looking out for pouches or keepalls so most info is meds/Ls...

Info true as at 7 Jan 2012:

XL: 1775GBP
Large: 1515GBP
Med: 1210GBP
Pouch: 890GBP
(prices accurate as available online)

Stock in store: med teal leather, large black leather, large red leather, large midnight leather, medium tobacco suede, large bronze leather, med (I think) coral leather, large citreon(? a (sorry) hideous bright yellow) leather, large military leather, large black python, large patchwork pink and cream one, red pouch. For anyone interested also saw a black PS11.

Med: 1145GBP (or thereabouts by ten or 20 pounds - definitely the cheapest I saw)
Large: 1450GBP (or thereabouts)

Stock in store: Had the most stock I won't even be able to remember half of them...sorry!

Med and large midnight leather, large and medium bronze leather, large red suede and leather, large raspberry suede, large and medium coral leather, large black leather. Sorry I don't remember specifically but there was a big (compared to the others) collection, with a good selection of pouches and wallets too.

Definitely the best to check out in London. Just be aware that the sales assistant I spoke to was adamant that the XL was 'large', the large 'medium' and the medium 'small'. So if you are ever just calling up, be aware.

LIBERTY (most expensive)
Med: 1265GBP
Large: Didn't look/couldn't reach!

Didn't look at the large as by this stage I was so demoralised... there was no XLs.

Very small collection in store: Medium new season apple green colour leather, medium black leather, large bronze leather I think.

Hope this is helpful, despite the incomplete info. Poor DBF was dragged from store to store, as I got increasingly stroppy so have to give him a mention :P.


Nov 28, 2007
Just ordered the medium 'grey' (I assume smoke?) from the HN website :woohoo:

A bit annoyed that they can't even offer complimentary delivery for an order over 1000GBP!


Apr 28, 2011
This is a really good resource, thank you! I didn't know about Joseph at all but am definitely keen to check it out now.