LONDON SHOPPING which purse is a must?


Went to London in February- Harrods and Harvey Nicks is nice- also try Marks and Sparks.

I did see some nice bags in these stores- but to be honest- it's like others said here. With the exchange rate being 1.7something for a dollar, you are better off to buy a designer bag here then there- unless you see a bag there you must have- like Harrods or Harvey Nicks.

There was a cute accessory store I found in Covenent Garden- it's called Accessorize- and next to it was a small store with handbags, purses, scarves, hair things like scrunchies that is owned by Kelly Osborne. It was very cute as well. I got a little black evening bag there since we went to the theatre a few times. It was cute, about 20 dollars and did the trick for what I needed And I got compliments!

If you get to Harrod's- check out the food hall. <g>. That is truely amazing.

Have a wondeful trip. London is my most favorite place in the known universe.

ginaf20697 said:
There is a GD store in London, right? Do they sell the bags? I'm going there in Sept. and luckily for me my husband is an even worse shopping whore than I am.

Is there a GD shop? I would love to see all of the handbags in person! I hate always having to buy on-line and I love the new designs! I also think I need to get a Mulberry bag too!

thanks for all the great info and tips! I just ordered the shopping and dinning guides recommended here too! give me something to look at on the plane! I just bought a really nice new digital camera, so I will be sure to take some purse pics and post when I get back! (I don't leave for 2 weeks)
I just came back from London yesterday from visiting my bf. There are mid-season sales there at the moment. I remember shopping @ Selfridges and on the handbags section...there were a lot of B-bags, a lot of mulberry and some other tihngs. They have a good variety of stuff. Have fuN!
I don`t live in London, but I can assure you that a majority of English people associate with Burberry in any form with the Chav culture, so it is really out of favour.
Accessorize/Monsoon have leather boutique bags now so they are abit more durable and quirky while very affordable.
The Jasper Conran leather range at Debenhams offer excellent value with Kelly style bags in a variety of colours, and the current polka dots/St. Tropez style is super !
Ok Inkypaws - went on a shopping trip around london today and keeping in mind your wish to have a bag that will remind you of britain I came to these conclusions!

I agree with the above - no to Burberry. It is most definitley considered very" chav " in London. I even looked at the Burberry prosum bags and in my opinion the designs were boring anyway, I would say avoid Burberry unless you want a raincoat -those are fab!

Things I saw that I thought were very uniquely british:

Paul Smith " satchel " in his signature multi - coloured wavy stripe - this really is distinct , you couldn't mistake it for anything else - about £ 400 ( sorry not good at the dollar conversion ! )

Anya Hindmarch is a great Brit bag designer - her woven Neeson bag is lovely and ( I think! ) under £ 500. I looked at it in detail and i thought the workmanship and design were fab.

Mulberry of course - I mean they are just the embodiment of England. They start from £ 195 for the small Araline up to about £ 700 for a Roxanne but there is just such choice - I love the Phoebe and already own an oak coloured Blenheim. They come in a massive array of colours too.

Orla Kiely - ok she is Irish but the Irish and the Brits are pretty much intertwined! Her funky print vinyl bags are ace and a cheaper alternative to the more expensive bags outlined above.

All of the above are available in the Liberty bag dept. so it's a one stop shop if you are limited for shopping time. Also about a ten minute walk up Oxford Street towards Marble Arch is Selfridges and they stock a brand called Bracher Emden which is a brit based one. If you like a bit of glitter and vegas style they could be your thing. They are made in very unique styles and garnished with Swarovski crystals - they start from around £ 350 and go up. I love 'em but I can't describe them properly - if you google bracher emden you will get their website and can see for yourself, you can also order custom made ones from the site. Lastly I totally agree about Accessorize if you want to spend less money - they do fantastic bags and their range is huge but at good high street prices. They have at least two branches on Oxford Street, one quite near Selfridges. They are the shop with the massive pics of Kelly Osbourne in the window as she is doing their campaign this season. Hope I haven't hogged this thread - but London is my home town and I am a bag fan! Have a great trip - please write and tell us what you bought when you return and how you got on! I hope you like it!
I live just outside London and always go in to go to Topshop its amazing and you can spend hours in there.
Also Urban Outfitters is a must, but my favourite is French Connection- I Love It!!

Also I would try Covent Grarden for something a bit different, lots of quirky little shops but also some nice designers and lots of outside entertainers, bars and music etc etc
I agree with everyone so far, definitely Mulberry, Anya Hindmarch and Tanner Krolle (they do great luggage as well). Go to Bond Street, Liberty's, Harvey Nicks, Harrods, Selfridges for high-end designer bags, Covent Garden have small funky shops where you can pick up more unusual things-and if you're tired, there is a day spa there called The Sanctuary - my favourite place to unwind after/in the middle of shopping ;) Thumbs down to Burberry- they are too "chav"