LONDON SHOPPING which purse is a must?

  1. Hello all! I'm getting to go to London for a week in a couple of weeks and wondered what stores are a must for shopping and what would be some of the best purses to purchase in London? I want something that will always remind me of my London trip but won't cost too much. $1000 or 500 pounds. Hubby and I will be with another couple so my shopping time will be limited as I am the only shopper.

    I know I must go to Harrod's and Harvey Nichols! Should I get a Burberry as it is so British or maybe a Gerald Darrel while in Europe?
  2. Hmmm, perhaps if you can afford both, get a GD and something else?
  3. harrods and harvey Nicks are next to each other so that kind of counts as 1 shop.... you should check out Bond Street and Selfridges/ Fenwick
  4. shoegala...I love the way you think! I'll have to tell my hubby that it only counts as one too! (problem is I could spend an entire day in those shops alone)
  5. There is a GD store in London, right? Do they sell the bags? I'm going there in Sept. and luckily for me my husband is an even worse shopping whore than I am.
  6. Burberry is all over the U.S. now...try and find something more exclusive to the UK or at least Europe.
  7. Two good books to get are Time Out London's shopping guide and Where to Wear London. You can get both on Amazon.
  8. Selfridges for a fab collection (including Chloe bracelet bags)

    Chloe - they'll have newer styles before they hit the US

    Mulberry!!!!!! - their big flagship store is near Harvey Nicks and Harrods. Mulberry is quintessentially English, has been making bags for years, before they became 'hip', and will stay classic. I managed to snag a Luella Giselle there when Mulberry was still making them (Luella has another maker now) - and it's such a memorable piece.
  9. I'm sorry, but I have to say - don't buy in London! The exchange is crazy, its an expensive place and nothing you find there, you can't find the same price or cheaper in the US. I like the less $$$ brands like Oasis, Miss Selfridge and Topshop for their clothes. That's about it.
    If you go to France, then buy buy buy! If you're not really a GD fan, go for Celine, Dior, LV, Chanel, YSL. They're a lot cheaper in France than anywhere else.
  10. I agree..things are crazy expensive in London. I lived there for a year last year, and though they DO have variety, it was much more expensive. Miss Selfridges and Topshop like TammyD said above is very good for its price. Everyone who goes to London has to go to Topshop in Oxford Circus. It's trendy and relatively cheap.
    For something more pricier and less obvious, like Burberry, you could go for Tanner Krolle which is starting to be picked up by the U.S. It's a London-based brand and they sell it in the Harvel Nichols there and in Hong Kong. It's leather is really really supple and a shoulder bag I have by it is my favorite bag. It's not cheap (around $8000 HK? You do the math), but I never regretted buying this bag.
  11. How about a cute print Orla Kiely bag? Also Radley is a very cute brand in the UK, check them out on ebay and buy in London. I got a little clutch with the signature dog on it on my last trip.

    I only saw Kiely bags in Urban Outfitters and only the UK stores but someone here will know where else to find. Great shoe shopping there, though!!
  12. I would DEFINITELY go into the Tanner Krolle store! I just recently discovered this brand and their quality is amazing!
  13. Do you have pictures of your Tanner Krolle?
  14. I'm sorry but no. I left my bag back in Hong Kong cuz I didn't want to take it over here to Boston for school. :sad:
  15. I would purchase an Orla Kiely bag and a Gerard Darel bag.