London shopping trip with bayswater

  1. When i went to London last Friday for a days shopping (to purchase my Mulberry Antony- see other thread) I carried my new bayswater(choco ivy). I thought a days shopping with it, going on train/ tube etc would be a good test and I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't find it too heavy when carried on my shoulder and the versatility of being able to carry it by hand or on the arm was useful. Very glad i got my bayswater:yahoo:

    .... trouble is think I'd like an oak one now too for the summer:girlsigh:
  2. That's great to know as I really haven't been out with mine, yet, just to work.

    Maybe 2 bags at your meet in MAy?????
  3. Oak Bay AND oak Antony - greedy guts!
    (This from a woman who bought two bags in the sale!!) :nuts:

  4. You can talk my dear!!!!!! No- I won't be getting an oak antony ( sensible head on now) but i can see an oak bayswater in the future but maybe not for a while! still thinking of a wallet in May!:tup:
  5. Jo - you are so sensible!!! My next purchase will be a purse/wallet in the spring sale!
  6. Jo,delighted you both enjoyed your London outing(you and bayswater). Did you try on any oak bayswater bags on your travels?
  7. I've got to find a new purse as my red one looks horrendous with magenta Hanover - it's like a blood bath going on!
    I am so overspent the only thing I'll be able to afford is a paper bag!
  8. Buy a cheap one and wait and get a Mulberry purse in May.:yes:
  9. That's good to hear Jo. I went to London on Sat with my Annie. I carried it (stuffed to the gills) comfortably all day. I :heart: it so much. I look forward to trying out my oak Bays on a day trip when the weather improves.
  10. No i didn't but I have tried one on in the past in john Lewis and loved it- then decided chocolate would be a more sensible colour- but that was all before Chaz and her amazing collonil piccies!!!!:p

  11. They'd better hurry up and make one that matches the Hanover by then! :love:
    So, did you decide about red Mabel? :tdown: or :tup:
  12. Not a Mulberry (and actually categorised for men), but thought of you when I saw it:

    Think I read somewhere that you drive a Mini :p? "Mini in London"!

    Sounds like you had a great day in London. Congrats to new Anthony!!!