London Sales

  1. Hi girls,

    I've just returned from the first day of the London jc boutique sales. Here is what I saw on sale (all 30% off)

    Mahala -cognac brown, purple, LP plum and sage, blue crocodile
    maddy - purple. saw 1 electric blue but it had a scratch on it
    Alex- black suede
    Ramona -green biker leather, metallic suede,optical studs, velvet and watersnake(black)
    Riki -green biker leather
    malena -LP plum and large size cognac and purple
    arad -blue suede
    rana -nude biker leather
    Also saw the multicoloured anaconda bags
    There were also carissas and cents in the sale but not the black ones.

    I ended up with a purple mahala and a biker green Riki !!!!
  2. any Clutch on SALE ?
  3. I was thinking about that today, I'm glad you posted what you saw, I would love a LP plum Mahala but even with 30% off it is still £682 I believe :nuts: Glad you got a couple a good ones though, you deserve it fighting your way round London in the sales :tup:
  4. Hi,

    I have to admit that I didn't pay much attention to the clutches but the ones I saw were the carissa in brown and red, coco in beige satin and carina in gold. I'm sure there are others in the sale too. If I go back I will check and keep you posted.

  5. Hi,

    Yes its always a bit of a gamble with the jimmy choo sales as you can't return/exchange anything thats on sale (when you buy from the boutique).I like the LP bags too but figured the 2 I got might sell out quicker and not get to 50% off as they are probably more classic.The SA told me she had already sold a biker green riki earlier in the day. I think the LP ones might make it to 50% but who knows?!!. Hope you manage you get the LP plum mahala for half price.:tup:
  6. Congrats on braving the sale. Only one store in the US carried the green biker leather, and that was Neiman Marcus. I managed to get a Ramona a few months ago. It is so fabulous! I love that blue crocodile Mahala too, and would love one if it went to 75% off, LOL! Fat chance! Please post pics on our reference library threads when you get a chance.
  7. Nice choices! :drinkup: Congrats. Hope you can post some pics.
  8. Wow! Those are my two most desired!! Congrats!
  9. ^^^^ Haha, my return probably. only 30% off for that?????

    Thanks for posting! You are brave to shop today. If London is anything like Amsterdam, parking and taxis are near impossible to get!

    Pics! Pics! Pics! :yes:
  10. That was the first thing I thought of when drpn21 mentioned the scratch.
  11. wow, congrats!:yahoo: would love to see the green biker riki!:drool::love:
  12. Congrats, that purple Mahala is such a beauty:heart:. Waiting for pics, can't imagine what the green biker Riki looks like.
  13. Hi,

    Here are some pics. They were taken with the camera on my mobile so aren't the best (sorry!)
    mahala1.jpg mahala2.jpg riki1.jpg riki2.jpg
  14. They are TDF!! Do you have a phone number that we might call?? TIA!
  15. Two beautiful bags! Well done! :drool::drool::drool: