London Sale..Anyone??

  1. I called Jimmy Choo Sloane Street and the SA told me that they are only informed of the Sale date 24hrs before!! :wtf:

    Anyone knows when will it start??!! TIA!
  2. No because of what the SA said :smile:
  3. Don't believe this, this is not true. May be you called too many days before the sale starts. I normally called any stores on Sloane Street or Bond Street in the middle or 3rd week of June. They, e.g. Ferragamo, BV, Prada, etc will tell me the first date of the sale and usually all the stores on these streets start their sales on the same day. Sale normally starts either on Wednesday or Thursday. You can also call Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, shops on Sloane and Bond Streets have the same sale date with these department stores. Good luck.
  4. I can say that what Jimmy Choo have said is the case. Manolo Blahnik often do the same thing.
  5. They normally send me out a pre sale thingy and I havent had one this year and that always says when the sale starts....