London Purchase

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  1. Just got back from London and managed to get a Long Locked leopard Oak Purse:biggrin:

    Saw the Hayden in black its really lovely

    Pics next week when OH gets back from Prague
  2. Congratulations on your purchase. I love the oak leopard print, bet the purse is gorgeous. Looking forward to pics xx
  3. oh I imagine the long lock purse is gorgeous. Congratulations - cannot wait to see piccies next week :smile:
  4. :drool: can't wait to see photos!
  5. Jackie - can I ask where you saw the Hayden in London? I'd love to see it IRL. Was it a Mulberry shop - or Selfridges?

    Congrats on the purchase - lovely lovely looking purse!
  6. ^^^ i saw it in Selfridges they only had Black but it was lovely

    Thanks girls:biggrin:
  7. I saw in it Selfridges and John lewis when I was in London... in black its lovely the nicest bag of the new styles IMO
  8. Oh congrats, that sounds divine, Jackie!
  9. I know where I'm going now tomorrow lunchtime - thanks piglet and jackie. I just want to get the feel for it - I would love it in Gingerbread.
  10. oh congrats, post pics when you have it!
  11. Oh La pics!