London pop-up boutique

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  1. This September Hermes is opening a pop-up boutique in the famous London department store Liberty, on Great Marlborough Street. Apparently there will be some exclusive products designed in collaboration using signature Hermes motifs with Liberty's famous prints....should be interesting and another reason to hop over the pond.
  2. Wow... thanks for the information..... i'm soooo excited....... and also a little freaked as it's in walking distance from my office!
  3. I'm in London first week of August so will hit Bond and Sloane but back late September so will be curious to see what the collaboration looks like...I hope its more than scarves.
  4. Have a look at the Selfridges and Harrods store as well as the Royal Exchange store if you have time as they can have some treasures......
  5. i posted a thread on this in the shopping section a couple days ago- there is additional info. there. apparently we may get some photos too. yippee!
  6. You beat me!!! I was surprised I hadn't seen anything on this here but I didnt search all the threads. The WWD was from over a week ago so it's old news now..I'm just catching up on them!
  7. Ohh
    do let us know the dates
    we can meet up with you, some of the UK members often meet up for an H scavenge lunch and other goodies.

  8. you are too funny, i do the same thing. i leave 2 or 3 to read all at once sometimes! give me the ny post and wwd and i am a happy girl. simple, but happy.