London or Paris for Christian Louboutins?

  1. Hey girls...

    Total newbie to CL's in terms of fit etc.. and don't live anywhere near a boutique that sells them so don't have easy access to try on etc. I am thinking of taking a day trip to either London or Paris to purchase a pair early next year. Where is best to go?

    Also, I am not sure what style I want to get. Something stylish enough for 'going out' do's, but also something quite classic and not too 'trendy'.

    What do you girls suggest?

  2. For your first pair of Louboutins, you should try 85mm simples. The heel is not outrageously high, which then you need to learn how to walk in. :amuse: There are so many great colors that the simples come in and they are super comfy. I'm sure the ladies here would agree with me that they are gorgeous, versatile, comfortable and the best first pair.

    As for the boutiques, where do you live may I ask?

    I found the SA's in the London CL not as nice and helpful as the SA's in the CL boutique in Paris. I have been to the Paris CL several times but only once to the one in Knightsbridge (London).

    If you are planning to go to London or Paris for vacation then you should definitely visit the boutiques. However if you are just going to purchase the can always buy them online or to go Nieman Marcus or Saks. If you live in the states, I guess you could go to the CL boutique in Beverly Hills. There are two in NY too.
  3. Hi

    Thanks for your reply...

    I live in Scotland (Glasgow!) so no where near a boutique at all, except London. Reading the boards though I think I would really need to try on some styles? Also, I wouldn't mind getting a higher heel, I have lots of other heels which are high, and want my first pair to be WOW!

    Also, do the boutiques only have the shoes which are on the website? I absolutely love a black satin pair I found but looking at the online shops, seems I wont get them anywhere!

    Thanks again
  4. Oh okay, well then I suppose traveling to London is not a problem. I thought you would be flying from across the world. :biggrin: Sorry about that.

    The boutiques usually carry more styles than shown online. I'm not sure what your taste is..but one of the most beautiful pairs of CL's I have are my pewter Lady Gres. They are simply gorgeous and I think they are pretty unique.
  5. Boutiques almost always have more stock than just what's available online. And since you're in Glasgow I'd definitely recommend going across to Paris for your first pair. It's worth it. :yes:
  6. That's good to know about the boutiques having more stock. I like the 'classic' styles, maybe a pair of pumps (or 'courts' as we would call them!). Probably not open toed because of the weather here, but I absolutely love the 'prives'? I love love love the style of Rolando's and the black satin ones I mentioned... so looking for something similar to that.

    Thanks for your help again guys. Definetely wanting to get 'into' CL's - treat myself ;)
  7. This is a great post! I hope you don't mind me chimming in. I will be traveing to London tomorow and was going to make a stop at the London CL store but with the exchange rate so bad right now, is it really worth buying shoes in London? I have heard its cheaper if you buy in Paris. Is this true??

    Forgot to add that I am coming from the US.
  8. It depends on the shoe..but most of my purchases from the Paris boutique were cheaper than the ones in London. Where do you live in the US?
  9. I am in CT. Up untill 2-3 months ago, there was no retailer in the state that sold CL shoes:tdown:. Now we have a small selection at one of the Saks. So I have to go into NYC to purchase items suchs as CL.
  10. That's least they have some at Saks. I'm lucky because we have a CL boutique in Beverly Hills. I am in BH shopping a lot so I stop by the boutique quite a bit. I actually prefer to buy from Saks though just because I have a great SA there. It's nice to chat and visit with them while you purchase your shoes. :amuse:

    If you see any shoes in London that you love you should purchase them, but if there really isn't anything that catches your eye (yeah right..LOL) then you should go to NY to purchase them. Things get complicated with exchange might end up paying more than you would pay in the US.
  11. that's what I am will probably end up costing me more to buy them in London. It would just be a great addition onto my vacation in England to come home with a pair of CL shoes:yes::yes::yes:
  12. Funny how none of my CLs have come from the CL boutiques I have visited in NYC or Paris. They are all from Saks, NM, Footcandy at various cities but never the boutiques.
  13. I was up London on Monday, and their sales had started had sooooooooo many CL in Selfridges, Harvey Nicks. You ought to try and get to London in the next couple of days. You can get a cheap flight to Stanstead and a train goes directly to Oxford St.
  14. i think u should get a pair of very prives they are soooooooo sexy
  15. I think it'll be cheaper to buy in Paris because of the exchange rate but I wouldn't book a trip to Paris just to buy Louboutins...

    OK, perhaps I would. :shame: