London Olympics have alot to answer for ;)


Dec 23, 2011
Hello lovely TPFers!

I'm a loyal Chanel lover from the UK, who has decided the extra tourism in the country at the moment due to the London Olympics is thwarting my chances of getting my dream bag ;)

I've posted a few threads recently regarding my thought process into which bag I was choosing, and decided on a black GST with GHW. So me and my boyfriend were planning on popping up to the Manchester store on Tuesday to get it - I was so over excited and thought i'd ring up to check they had them in stock - They normally do whenever I'm up - but the lady said they had NO GSTs in and would I like to be put on the waiting list. I said no because my other half said we'd go to LDN. Great I thought, SURELY they'll have at least one GST for me in the five Chanel boutiques down south - Nope. None. Nada! I rung the next day and NO stores had even had any in their delivery so I am now on the Manchester waiting list, hoping for a call next week!

Tourism is great for any country, but when Chanels are involved... The jury is out for me ;)

Have any of you ever decided to buy a Chanel at an unfortunate time due to high levels of tourism or big events in your country and found yourself 'patiently' waiting?
Good things come to those who wait and I will definitely appreciate it more, and I have to admit, going on holiday and buying something special is a lovely feeling so I can't grudge holiday goers too much! Hehe.



Jun 7, 2012
The influx of visitors would definitely account for the long waiting lists. A friend of mine said the queues at the airports for VAT returns are miles long.

Maybe you should just wait till the games are over.


Jan 2, 2007
July and August are always the worst times to try and find goods in London anyway. You have a huge influx of tourists, new season arrivals and workshops closing in France mid August so no deliveries during that time. This applies even when there is no Olympics on. I would wait list in your local store and I'm sure they will find one for you soon.