[London] Mulberry sample sale - been there TODAY :)

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  1. Oooh well done on your purchases and thanks so much for the pics! Great to have an 'insider' reporting from the heart of all the action!!
  2. Loving the pics! Still don't get the excitement when you have the outlets?! Why go to this sample sale if you can be in Bicester in an hour and get the same prices?
  3. Exactly!
    I think I will visit Bicester from now on , no more sample sale my dear.. :smile:

  4. Wish i was in the UK LOL...i'd be in Bicester every week ;)
  5. I am glad to made it out of the room safe and with a fantastic bag. That room looks like chaos!
  6. look like two lovely bags you got! Congratulations!
  7. I was there yesterday too, and later in the day they had another batch of Bays coming through... I toyed with both khaki and grafitte for a while, but felt the pebbled leather was too shiny in the end :sad: They were very pretty though. I´m pretty sure there will be some more today, even though the stock was disappointing. I totally agree that the prices are just like the outlets, and I expected to find some unusual pieces but everything was very normal... It felt like a truck heading for Bicester went astray and ended up there! Got a lovely dress and it was a true bargain ;)
  8. That looks an absolute scrum...they can keep it!

    Well done on the purchases though.
  9. Am I being thick here ? But I would have thought that samples would be 'one offs' etc and not the outlet special type stuff :confused1:
  10. I've been to Bicester today and there were exactly same bays and messengers :sad:
    What a lame...!!! NO sample sale any more for me!
  11. I agree its kind of lame as it seems to be the same stock and prices as in the outlets. But you got yourself two beautiful bags, which will go with pretty much everything, so I think you have done great - enjoy your bags...I know I would :greengrin:
  12. Hi,

    Quick question: You said you got an invitation to the sample sale.
    Where did you get that? Via a mailing list?
    I'm a loyal Mulberry customer and I am also on the Mulberry newsletter but I have not received anything ever...

    Thank you!
  13. Hi there,

    Sorry to bother you but how do you get invited to the sample sale??

    Well done on the 2 purchases you got 2 great buys there.

  14. Love your bags!
    I accidentally got trapped in the handbags dept. at Harrod's during their summer sale. We live in a small Southern US town & were in London for our anniversary.
    There were more people in the handbag dept. than in the entire town here. I was very scared.
    I fear I would have cracked at that sample sale.....:weird:
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