[London] Mulberry sample sale - been there TODAY :)

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  1. Hi Ratrat, thank you for enquiring! Feeling a bit better but still not back on track yet, seems its a bug that a lot of people have up here at the mo. Been back to work yesterday, but was struggling today. C**p really!!! Have you recovered from your wonderful weekend of partying? You look really glamorous in the pics! Thanks for sharing them with us, must make sure I look after myself better before the next meet!!
  2. ^^ Glad you are on the mend... take care!
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    I. am. sooooo. exhausted. now.

    If I were early 20s, it would be fun and exciting. I admit it.
    Now I feel like I am too old to fight just for bargain. Surely, no more sample sale for me.

    But if I did not go today, I would be curious how it would be anyway so it was my first and last sample sale experience.
  4. Thank you for sharing the pics with us Barbie!
  5. Blimey - and I thought us lot were bad enough at Bicester on Saturday!! Congrats on the Bays - saw one in Bicester and it's a very versatile colour - enjoy!!
  6. Ohhh, LOVE the colour of the bays - gorgeous. Well done, I would have turned around in an instant seeing the scrum like that! I'm easily intimidated :smile:
  7. haha I know! I saw her put the cracked gold one back but think she got the rest!! ..and then another lady in front of me had about 5/6 too and bought them all as well :nuts:
    (these people mustn't have any credit limits!)

    this is the one I got...grabbed it as soon as I saw it! :yahoo:
    (please excuse the bits of feather on the floor...was trying to distract my mischievous cat from attacking it!)
  8. ooh congrats and fab price- like outlet prices used to be before they increased them- wish I could have gone- crowds wouldnt put me off I used to play rugby in my youth!!
  9. Great pics and bags it's good to of braved the maddening crowds and come out with a well earned treat or two hope you both enjoy your lovely purchases.
  10. Glad that some of TPF-ers got a bag! But it seems like the stock was not so very much better than in Bicester this last weekend.
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    Oh, really? It means I should visit Bicester again...!!??? hehe. I am very tempting...
    I should cut my credit card for now I think.

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    THis is the one I was hanving just right before my paying. But as soon as the girl in front of me left this Khaki one, I left this bronze one and grabbed it instead. What a coincidence :smile:

    Well done, girl! :biggrin:

  13. Congrats to those that snagged a bargain. Don't think I'd have enjoyed the scrum myself so well done for braving the crowds
  14. Fantastic pics!! thanks for sharing!! and gorgeous bays!! a great find!
  15. cant wait to see if there are more bargain prices today when did we last see a bays below £400???
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