[London] Mulberry sample sale - been there TODAY :)

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  1. Wow, half price........That would have made it a very expensive Bays.:faint:
  2. HA. That' what I said to my friend today after those WAR.
    I said "This.is.my.very.last.time"

    I actually wanted to buy Alex from Selfridges but I think I will say hello to her next year because of this purchase...haha :'(

  3. Just saw your pics! They both look lovely!!
    Congrats - and well done for spending two hours there, I'm another one not too keen on crowds :P
  4. Great buys! very nice, I especially like the bays. it is a really gentle colour. It will look great on you! The messenger is very stylish and looks really useful.

    As for the pictures, well done on snapping some for us! It really does look like a nightmare. With all those bags on the arm of 1 person, lol. I bet they put most of them back then there was a scrum when other shoppers tried to grab them first.

    Very well done for surviving it and getting out alive and with some gorgeous loot to boot xx
  5. wow, that was some crowds. Was there any fighting? :nuts:

    Well done for getting two lovely bags!
    Beautiful bays, and a cool, handy messenger!
    Congrats ;)
  6. haha I was stood behind that girl on her phone with the armful of bags whilst I waiting to pay!

    I got a nice bronze bayswater for £397...receipt says 'Bayswater Mirror Metallic Bronze' for anyone who's thinking of going still :smile:

    glad you managed to get what you wanted too luvbarbie! that bays is gorgeous!
  7. Wow looks chaos your braver than me lol
    Two fab finds lovely colour bays And I love the
    Messenger congrats!
  8. OMG not sure I could stand the scrum. Congrats on getting some great bargains. The prices sound v similar to the outlets.
  9. Oh wow, insanity! Well done on 2 fabulous finds! Love the khaki! :nuts:

  10. What a fun post ! I've never been to a "sample sale" in my life, and have only imagined what it would be like. You must have gotten there quite early. Thanks for sharing & for the pics....(just how many bays can a human arm hold ??? ) lol
  11. No bother, I'm from London and used to the shoving and crowds... grew up with it, my grandma took me to all the sales!!! That little silver ledbury with side extenders looks divine in that 3rd pic. Congrats Barbie on your finds!
  12. wow, that sealed it, I'm sooo not going tomorrow, lol. Perhaps next time... just for shoes & clothes with cash purchase - seem to remember credit card que was insane too!

    Anyway, many thanks for pics, Well done for fab grab, lovely Bays & Woody!! :nuts:

    (^^ MG how are you feeling, are you OK now??)
  13. wow looked like war! congrats on bags!
  14. Hey Kitx!
    It is so funny that you were behind that girl. did she manage to purchase them all really? I am still very curious...hehe.
  15. Exactly! I heard that some of them are same as outlet but I went to the outlet about 1 month ago and did not see any Bayswaters in gentle colour. That's why I bought this Bays today :smile:
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