[London] Mulberry sample sale - been there TODAY :)

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  1. #1 Nov 16, 2010
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    As I am living in London and got the invitation, I've been to Mulberry sample sale this morning.
    Even though I got there 10 mins before the opening time (10 am), there was already a long queue till outside the building. Guided to inside the building and queued from the lower ground floor up to the first floor (2nd floor)

    Waited for about 30mins to get into the show room and it was literally W.A.R. (I also have been to Harrords summer sale twice but I think this one was worse)

    Every Bayswater has gone already and only red leopard and pink colour were left. The staff said there won't be any more in stock.

    However, luckily, no, very very luckily, I was able to grab Khaki colour Bayswater which I was very keen on wile I was in the queue for paying - the girl just in front of me gave up and left it and I got it just in 1 sec :yahoo:

    I think the pictures I put here obviously shows how panic it was.
    The last picture is showing the queue when I came out from the show room after 2 hours. It was still that long...

    Good luck to everyone who is planning to visit there. But please keep in mind that there won't be any Bayswater more. :sick:

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  2. OMG that's SO not Chocolate oak-style :smile: My body answers to your pics with a feeling of cardiac arrest! I would have wanted some of the bags though...you're so lucky getting your hands on a Khaki bays...it sounds gorgeous!:yahoo:
  3. Thanks Chocky :smile:
    I agree with you. I was so lucky. But just before, I found that there's no small key pad attached. Do you think without it is as it should be?
  4. Your khaki Bays sounds lovely.

    I am with ChocOak on this - that would be a nightmare for me. Ugh, even the Christmas sales are not that bad.
  5. Wow, sounds like a sressful shopping situation! Well done for grabbing a Bays tho. What were the prices like?
  6. Wow thanks so much for those pictures. They are really worth a thousand words! the scrum, the woman with more bags on her arm than an octopus could carry ...

    That's made up my mind for sure, I would seriously be having a panic attack in those conditions. I'll stay at home tomorrow (and save my pennies for other things).

    PS Barbie does your Bays have feet? there were some "outlet specials" made which didn't have feet or the clochette (little dangly key holder thingie)
  7. I think it might be ok actually. I know most outlet versions dont have the cloche, nor feet at the bottom of the bag. I guess that could be the same for sample versions. Does your bag have feet? Either way - its common to have bayswaters without it - so I would not worry. Just enjoy your bag. Do you have a pic of her to share? :smile:
  8. Well..I got Bays for 416 which was 50% off and the 2nd messenger bag for 245 (original price is 350)
    Everything seems around 50% off normally.


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  9. Seems like people bought a lot, how were the prices?

    How lucky that you got something you wanted after all! Did you get anything else? ;)

    Thanks for the report, looked hectic, to say the least!
  10. And I found that I do not have feet on the bottom either. But it is ok as I got the one for my new job - obviously in London, almost every girls are carrying Bays for work. hehe.
  11. looks like a perfectly normal bays - sold without cloche and feet :smile: Its a stunning find! I love it. And the Effie'ish messenger is gorgeous too. Well done you!:greengrin:

    Do you know what the messenger is called?
  12. Both look lovely...well done!
  13. Well spotted girl and thanks :smile:

  14. OMG, just as well there are no shops like that up North.........:nuts:

    I wouldn't allow myself to go as I think I would end up punching somebody...:mad:

  15. I checked my receipt and it's saying Woody natural veg tanned

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