London meet up?

  1. hi all,
    Does anybody fancy meeting up in London for a spot of H shopping?
  2. Yes indeedy! Do you have a date in mind? I can think of someone who needs to be rescued from a caravan who I am sure would also love to come!

    Ardneish....Where are you???????
  3. I live in London actually.Let's see if we can a few of us together!
  4. oh, i was in UK beginning of this month and went down to london for a daytrip....i wish this meeting was a few weeks ago.

    hi, eliselady ((((waves))):smile:
  5. Hi Maria! (((waving back))) wish wwe could have met up, but perhaps in the future?

    Come on Londoners - I know you are out there!
  6. i'm here! not much in general in the near future but every now and then i am ;)
  7. I just started working again and have been terribly busy. I'm afraid I can't join you ladies this time. Have a great time and I hope to see you again sometime soon!
  8. I would love to meet you all!!!!
    But I have to plan soooo far ahead!!!!!