London meet - MARCH

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  1. Good afternoon everyone!

    So who's up for another London meet? How about March? The weather should be much better than at the last one.

    I'm thinking about either one of the following two saturdays:

    Let me know!

    Ciao ciao
  2. Count me in Little H :tup:

    Your sig says desperately looking for Olive - Like you have no hermes bags already!!!:lol: If I see one I will let you know for sure!!
  3. so far either date should work for me :happydance:
  4. I know, the obsession is pretty itchy these days... Can't help myself!
  5. Count me in too, Little H (you are a superstar for organizing)! Either day is fine for me too.
  6. Thank you for organizing another one little H, I would love to join in too...either date is great for me too. :smile:
  7. Can't manage either of those dates LittleH :sad: I'm sorry.

    I am in London this weekend with DH but am sneaking off by myself on Sat 6th Feb for a British Military Fitness session in Hyde Park, 9am start. If any of my tpf friends fancy it, come and meet me there, I'll be in the red group - google for details, it's free for a first go, you may even enjoy it! LOL, I won't be wearing any H though!
  8. :nuts:Olive it is :graucho:

    I forgot to add, thank you for organising :ty:
  9. Sounds lovely....Count me in for this one Little H if it's the 13th! Thank you for organising another one, your a star!!
  10. Me too please!! Either date is fine with me. DD will probably come too if thats ok. Thanks for taking the trouble to arrange another meet. xx
  11. Oh. I am in London on the 13th! I would love to go if it's on that day.
  12. I am going to be in London from 24 March - 30 March, I would love to meet up with any of you if you'll be around then. This is my first trip to London...I'm taking my DD to celebrate her 16th birthday.:biggrin:
  13. I cant do the 13th but will be around for the first half of the 20th, but Arsenal are at home so I will have to get away for kick off! Looks like I am in the minority though, so maybe I will have to wait for the next one.

    Lovely of you to organise again.:heart:
  14. LittleH - thank you for organising but I'm afraid I'm travelling so won't be able to make it. Hope you all have fun!
  15. I might be coming to London on the weekend of the 13th and would love to meet up at that time!