London late April/early May?

May 12, 2006
It was lovely to meet you all too! And thanks for letting me model all your Birkins...

The shoes were returned BUT Mount St has the pair I want in a slightly lower heel so I'm going in today to try them on!

Also happy to see 'photos.


May 11, 2007
It was lovely to meet you all, you are all wonderful :heart: . So friendly and I felt like I knew you all so well. I had a fabulous day.
Shame there wasnt more time,and I was a little less tired.
DH took me to the Royal Exchange store , before we caught the train home and bought me another little goody!!
I think I may have decided on my next colour Kelly, a clue, I have completely fallen in love with the cuff I bought in Selfridges!!


May 4, 2007
Another goody......are we getting a reveal? Ahhh an orange Kelly!!!

I also forgot to add a big thank you to LTC for giving away the wonderful magazines :hugs:


J'adore Hermes
Dec 16, 2006
Thanks licencetocook for organising it all and I am delighted to 'reveal' that I was the lucky winner of one of the Hermes catalogues raffled that ltc kindly donated. Sadly I've nothing else Hermes to reveal.

I've already met Eliselady, Ardneish and Ananas but it was great to meet for the first time, ltc, mooks, classictwist and Raz. Good job Bond Street is quite a large store hehe.

No H purchases for me but I succumbed to more flats from CL and a Frank Gehry ring from Tiffany.

I wish we had more time, next time, I'll try and stay over.

I WISH I had taken some pics, Ardneish was organised enough to take a couple which I will need to vet for double chins, hope she has photoshop.